Our Registry Wedding Vlog | Ikoyi Registry

Fam! How's it going?

So one of the processes that we had to go through when we were getting married was to go to the registry. Now, don't ask me why it's so important or why it seems like a tradition that Nigerian couples almost always go to Ikoyi registry in Lagos to get married; truth is, I don't know.

The only reason I seem to have found is for future purposes and Visa issues etc etc. Regardless, myself and my fiancee (now husband) went through the process as well.
The entire process cost us about #25,000 Naira; including payment for forms, registration etc. On the day we were told to come we had to arrive very early, 7am, just so we didn't end up spending the whole day waiting around. Apparently they attend to over 100couples on each day the ceremony is performed and so the earlier you get there, the earlier you'll leave.

Enjoy the vlog to see moments that I captured from this ceremony.

Remain in God. God Bless You.

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