Our Honeymoon At ZainaLoge, Tamale, Ghana | Pictures & Video

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If you are a part of the family then you already know that I recently got married to the love of my life. Anyway, that's not the gist. The gist is that one week after our wedding we embarked on our honeymoon to Zainalodge, which is located inside Mole National Park in Tamale, Ghana.

Mole National park had the promise of a safari experience while ZainaLodge had that of African luxury accommodation, feeding and scenery and so we were quite excited to take the trip.

For the benefit of those who don't know, Tamale is situated in Northern Ghana and it typically experiences harmattan weather in December/January so that meant that we were going to experience the harmattan season at the safari (the other season being the wet season between May - August). With this knowledge we packed a few warm clothes so that we'd be prepared for whatever happened.

Traveling from Lagos to Accra by air was actually about 45mins flight. It wasn't bad at all. When we got to Accra we had to get our luggage and walk to the domestic airport where we got on another flight to Tamale. The flight was about 1hour long. We flew African World Airlines and we were fed drinks and snacks during both flights.

On arriving at Tamale we were met by our driver from Zainalodge (Mr. Inusa) who was already waiting to drive us to the lodge. The drive from Tamale airport to ZainaLodge was about 2hrs 30mins long. It's quite a long drive but because of the kind of vehicle we were in and especially because the road was very good, we didn't feel it so much.

On arriving at ZainaLodge we were met with warmth, love, excitement and comfort. Though we arrived quite late, the manager, P.K, had the chef prepare a fresh and hot meal for us. We had a 3 course meal that night. When we entered our tent, we were met with bliss and love. We had such a beautiful night rest.

Enjoy the pictures and video. We will talk more later.

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