Displaced, Nigeria (Nollywood) Movie Review | 2018

Blossom Chukwujekwu, Lota Chukwu, Tana Adelana 

Charles Uwagbai

Barrister Kenneth is a single father who met Chisom under unfortunate circumstances. They soon develop a romantic relationship which is strongly opposed by his daughter.
Every now and again, I stumble upon that movie that I just can't get off my mind. More often than not, the movie is usually one that I did not expect such strong impact from. Such is the way I feel about Displaced.
Last night, I decided I was going to watch a movie before going to bed. After reading through the synopsis of several movies online, I settled on Displaced and it was a great decision! Let me break it down for you. 
Displaced tells the story of a young lady, Chisom, who unexpectedly lost her husband, Emenike, with whom she had no children. While grieving her loss, a barrister, Ken, comes into her home to inform her that her husband had sold the house. While still in shock, a lady, Bolanle, walks in with a child whom she claimed was Emenike's son. Naturally, Chisom lost her mind. She was then informed by Ken that she'd have to vacate the premises in a month. 

When the movie started, I wasn't sure what direction it was going to go. Are we going to watch this woman suffer through out the film is there something yet to come? There was something yet to come and we weren't kept waiting for long because the story developed very quickly and progressed very nicely. Though not original, the story was told in an interesting way which made it enjoyable.


Lota Chukwu played the character Chisom. Now, Lota is well known for her character Kiki in Jenifa's Diaries. She's been on that show for years and it can be quite difficult for such characters to break out and do other things. So seeing her in this movie I was both excited and scared for her. Excited that someone took her chance on her and scared that she might not deliver. 

I was wrong! Lota killed that character! She brought the character to life. I felt her pain just as much as I laughed with her. I fell in love with Lota the same way I fell in love with Adesua Etomi in 'Falling' by Niyi Akinmolayan.

Blossom Chukwujekwu played the Barrister Ken. *😰* Blossom oh Blossom, I LOVE YOU! See ehn, there is that actor who 'gives' a little on the small screen and 'gives' more on the big screen. Meanwhile, there is that actor who gives ALL even when it's just one scene he has; one of such actors is Blossom. There's a special way Blossom brings characters to life that I can't seem to understand. He made the character, Ken, so exciting, likeable and relate-able.  Blossom also has a special talent of connecting with child-actors such that the child-actor performs well and this movie was not an exception.

Kelly Ochonogor who plays Ure, Ken's teenage daughter was brilliant! The chemistry between herself and Blossom was real and believable. She also brought such life to the character that half the time you just wanted to spank some sense into her. I hope to see more of Kelly on screen. 

Technicalities & Everything Else
The movie was well directed by Charles Uwagbai. I enjoyed the way he told the story and how quickly he got us there. Attention was paid to technicalities and some camera angles were avoided just to save time and keep things moving. 

Is it a perfect? Of course not. There are so many gaps in that realness of the story that you'll probably explain away in your mind and create alternatives for. Like why all her friends abandoned her and even the one friend she had couldn't give her money to get her own place? Why she wasn't quick to look for a job and get out of the house? And more.. but we forgive all of that because it is a romantic drama that takes you through different emotions and at the end leaves you satisfied.

This is one movie I'll definitely be watching again and I highly recommend it. If not for any reason, just to enjoy the stellar performances by the lead characters Blossom and Lota. 

Have you seen the movie? What do you think of the movie? Will you be watching? Do leave your thoughts below. 

Remain in God. God bless you.

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