#HappilyEverEshos PreWedding Shoot | Vlog | Pictures

Hello from the moon! | i.e. I'm currently on honeymoon

A few months ago, myself and Oluwatosin had to get our pictures taken in preparation for our wedding. It was quite an interesting process. Who knew taking pictures could be so expensive?

First, we had to decided on the theme of the shoot. I went with a movie theme because well, why not? Luckily, we were gifted a photography session with one of the foremost wedding photographers in Nigeria, Jide Odukoya and he brought our vision to life!

We also had to figure out the outfits we were going to wear. A basic styling was going to cost us at least 50,000 Naira, and we would return the clothes after. Say what? That much money in the scheme of things was not justifiable for us so we decided to go shopping by ourselves to get some items in addition to what we already had in our wardrobes. Best decision ever!

At the end of the day it was a very enjoyable process for us and the pictures came out beautifully! Below you'll find some more pictures and a video which highlights the day of the shoot. I hope you enjoy it.


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