I'm Getting Married!!!!! YES, I SAID YES!!!

Dear Lovers,

As you can most probably tell, I'm elated and I can't seem to stop laughing. Please is this normal? My baby boo proposed to me over the weekend and it left me speechless! I had no idea what he was planning so when it happened, I was shocked.

It was my best friend's birthday during the week and it was going to be her 1 year wedding anniversary after that so I decided that it'll be nice to take them out to dinner. I told her and she said she was in and that she'd confirm with her husband. I did the same with baby boo. He said cool.

Come Saturday morning, I confirmed with everyone once again and they were all onboard. Myself and boo had planed to spend the day shopping for his new apartment and go to dinner later that night. Next thing was that he said he was running late and later cancelled saying he had to run errands for his older sister. I said ok. No wahala. I decided to still go shopping with my "sister" whom I live with, Sister Debbie. ... to be continued ...

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