Nollywood Actor Deyemi Okanlawon is Uber Stylish as he Models US-Based Southern Gents’ Fall Collection

Nollywood actor Deyemi Okanlawon has teamed up with US-based site Southern Gents for a fashion spread to showcase their grey three-piece suit in different ways.
As a man who is always on the move across various continents, timezone and climates, Deyemi often needs to travel light without compromising his style, comfort or swag.
The site states that:
For the earlier hours of the day when its slightly warm, throw on a Henley with your favorite pair of blue jeans and grey vest. Finish the look off with a newsboy hat, lapel pin and sunshades to keep the sun rays out. “This look is perfect for running errands, casual daytime meetings, screenings and auditions.” Deyemi.
For the evenings, lose the vest and throw on a light wool-blend Top coat. The perfect top coat is one that sits right above the knees and is loose enough to layer without getting too bulky. Keep it simple and neutral up top with a newsboy hat and black Henley . For the bottoms we go with our grey suit pants, a relaxed no sock look and some sleek patent loafers. “I really like the juxtaposition of formal and casual elements in this look. The colors, tones patterns and textures are all nicely balanced. This look is perfect for evening dinners, mixers or a casual night out .”

For the boardroom, you pull no punches. You want to be taken seriously and we all know what they say about first impressions, so go for the jugular! Here, Deyemi is wearing our signature SG club collar shirt and Savannah club tie with a 3 piece grey suite. Depending on the climate, layering with a Camel top coat might be in order. Keep your head warm and your swag cool with a contrasting olive green pork-pie hat, however, always remember your hat etiquette when its time to talk business!!

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