My Daily Confessions From Now till May 2017


So we had Workers' Refereshing Conference in my church on October 1, 2016 and it was an amazing time in God's presence. So many prophetic words came and I took them down for my personal prayers.

I thereafter converted the prophetic words into a daily confession which I will begin confessing every day for the next 6months. I have so many things that o desire from God and they are all wrapped up in these confession. So I thought I'd share it with you guys.

I hope you are as diligent with it as I intend to be and I am certain that we will return with testimonies.

Confession (Drafted from prophesies are October ’16 WRC)
Today, I declare over my life that I have a clear understanding of what God wants me to do.
The targets I have set, I will attain them and heaven will give me exposure for what I carry.
My gifts will be showcased to the world.
God will give wings to every of his deposit in me. I enjoy help, divine help!
Those that matter will approve of my talents. Where my efforts have peaked, I enjoy divine help.
Every eye that beholds me favors me. Wherever my name is seen or mentioned, favor speaks for me.
I enjoy all round peace in all my endeavors. I enjoy peace in my relationships, in my home, and in my life in Jesus name.
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. No good thing is withheld from me. I enjoy clarity, my eyes are opened, and my ears are hearing ears.
Divine recommendation is mine. What I have is what they need. The right hand of God rests upon my household and I.
I enjoy long life and length of days. My life is full. My days are long. I have grace to make impact.
I enjoy divine advertisements; my skills are advertised. I drink from wells that I did not dig and God is sorting me out.
It is my season of multiplication and I enjoy divine visitation from God! My level of influence increases and those that I look up to begin to listen to me in Jesus name!
It will happen to me at the speed of light. I enjoy strange visitations from God, strange testimonies and testimonies that have never happened before begin to happen to me. I am blessed! I am lifted.


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