Can their Young Love Survive Cancer? Daniel K Daniel, Matilda Lambert, Tina Mba & More star in “Till Death” | Watch the Trailer

Production house, Smiles Media, will soon release a new movie, titled “Till Death”.
The executive producer of the film is Chukwudi Ezenwa, and it was produced by Chris Frank, with the script written and directed by Chima Igbokwe.
The movie stars Daniel K Daniel, Matilda Lambert, Tina Mba, and Obi Okoli.
“Till Death” is an emotional drama which explores the ordeal of a young man and his wife, who is diagnosed with breast cancer.
The gift of love is the sweetest of all gifts, or so did Gil believe when he defied his father’s warnings and went ahead to marry his sweetheart, Christabel, only to discover two days after their wedding that Christabel was battling with cancer. Love takes another turn. There is no escape route. The vow is for better for worse, till death do them part. How will the heart endure? How will the hands be strong?
Watch the trailer below.

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