Owanbe Saturday, Naija Food & My Car Troubles

"All is well that ends well ... "
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There's nothing more embarrassing (for a lady) than getting dressed, makeup on fleek, your satellite gele well done and then your car decides not to work.

I love my Saturdays, I cherish them. This is mostly because I work throughout the week. Though my job (I'll tell you about my job later) is not an 8am - 5pm job per se, my week days are almost always very busy. So you can't blame me when Saturday comes around and all I just want to do is lie in bed, eat and watch movies. 

But this particular Saturday, there was a wedding that I could not miss. I'm friends with the couple, they attend my church and so I just had to be there. That same day I had to attend a "Food is Art" fair by FirstBank that I was invited to; so it was going to be a busy day.

After spending 1hour on my makeup and gele, I was on top of the world and strutting down the stairs of my apartment (I live with my friends) in Surulere only for me to get to my car and realize that the engine oil was almost dry!!


I had bought a new keg of engine oil during the week so I packed up my very long dress with one hand and proceeded to "top" the oil. I opened the car hood and tried to open the cover of the engine but it refused to open. I dropped the keg and dropped my dress; then I applied all the strength my thin arms could gather and yet the cover did not bulge. Frustration started to kick in. I was running late, my hands were dirty and I was starting to sweat under the hot Lagos sun. 

After a few more attempts, I gave up. I returned the unopened keg of engine oil to the boot (trunk) and sat in the car. After a few moments I decided to "risk it". I decided to drive to the wedding at Ikeja and hoped that my male friends would be able to help with the car.

To the glory of God, I made it safely to the wedding and just as I hoped, I was able to get help.

My second event went well. There were lots of food vendors who had interesting packaging and design of naija meals. Unfortunately I couldn't get enough pictures.

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