I Sat In Amanpour's Seat!!! - At CNN London

Every year, FBN Holdings sponsors select journalists to attend a 3-day training in the United Kingdom. This training is done in furtherance to support knowledge-based journalism among Nigerian practitioners under its Media Thought Leadership and Capacity Enhancement Initiative. UK-based media-training firm, EMF Consulting Limited, London organized it.  I work with YNaija as a Presenter, so I was very excited when I was selected to represent the company at this training. 

Day1 - Training with Dayo Olomu
The moment I stepped into the conference room, I received fresh energy because of who the facilitator was: Dr. Dayo Olomu. Dayo Olomu is an accomplished motivational speaker, addressing over 100,000 people each year - a coach, business transformation strategist, personal development trainer and best selling author.

Dayo brought life to a training that could otherwise have bored us to sleep (considering we just got off a very long flight). The workshop was on Strategic Digital Publishing & Marketing. Dayo talked about the changing nature of journalism (Print vs. Digital), personal branding, marketing, leadership, how to make money online, need for original and creative content amongst other subjects.

Day 2
Located somewhere in South London, The Voice Newspaper is the largest black print newspaper in the United Kingdom and it has been in existence.

They spoke to us about their history in the UK, their growth and the strategies they have applied over the years in an age where print is gradually going out of style and free distribution of newspapers. Since going digital, they have learned to go at the right pace that is fit for the organization.

Heading to CNN I was quite sure about what to expect but what I did want to know was how they have managed to remain number 1 over the years without compromising and giving in to pop-culture. On arrival we were handed visitors’ passes and lead through the building (which also houses cartoon network and others) into a conference room.

After a brief chat with the digital head of CNN London, I realized something: it is not negotiable for you to continually innovate yourself and your brand. He talked about how CNN has evolved over the years starting with news, to politics, travel and more. He further stressed the importance of creative thinking and staying ahead of the market such that before a need arises they already have supply for it.

Our visit ended with a tour of the CNN studios where I got to take lots of pictures and I even sat in Christina Amanpour’s chair!

That wrapped up my 3-day journalist training in London; I was on the first flight out of London the next day. As sponsored by FBN Holdings, this is a great initiative and I’m sure the journalism industry in Nigeria will greatly benefit from it.

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