Actor Udoka Oyeka speaks to ThisDay on Relationships, Nollywood & his Boko Haram Inspired Film “No Good Turn”

Recently Nollywood actor Udoka Oyeka revealed in THISDAY newspaper that he is single and hopeful!

The actor revealed that he has been single for two years, stating, “At the moment, I am not in any relationship. My last relationship ended two years ago. It is not that I am not ready for another one, but when the right person comes along (I’ll be in a relationship); getting into a relationship has a way of working out (for people).

In the newspaper, he spoke about his love for dogs telling THISDAY that he has had dogs since he was 10, and has never lived without a dog in the house.

And when asked how he copes with the female admirers, he said, “I am not just an actor with a pretty face. I write, I direct and produce films. Most of the time, I am engrossed in my work. At every point in time, I have at least two to three projects I am developing.

The actor also revealed that he wrote the script for the anticipated short film “No Good Turn” as a result of dissatisfaction with the right stories being told about terrorism in the North. The film is set to be released later this year. When asked about the state of Nigerian cinema, the actor was quoted saying, “If you put Nollywood side by side Hollywood, I think Nollywood is doing better”, the actor said, comparing Hollywood’s 100 years to Nollywood’s fast- developing 25 years. He went on to say “the only area we are lacking is in the area of how we tell our stories, and that for me is real film-making.

Read the full interview here.

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