First Look: Actress Sonia Ibrahim & Soldier Collins Taabazuing’s Traditional Wedding Photos

Actress and model Sonia Ibrahim had her traditional wedding on July, 23rd 2016 in East Legon, Accra Ghana to her soldier beau Collins Taabazuing.

The beautiful Kru/Lebanese bride was accompanied by her gorgeous sisters, actress Juilet Ibrahim and younger sister Nadia on her bridal train.

Sonia looked stunning in her traditional garb as she looked forward to starting a new life with the charming Northerner who stole her heart five years ago.


MusicNest Radio & Niyi Towolawi Presents Hillarious Short Movie Titled TIED UP

Marc Adebesin, CEO, MusicNest Radio teams up with international multi-award winning filmmaker, Niyi Towolawi of HekCentrik Films to produce a hilarious suspense filled short film, Tied Up, in stunning 4K cinema quality. Set and shot in UK, the 7 minute film stars recent graduates from leading film and drama schools in the country.

The story starts with Nigerian raised, Lebanese Fares Boulos about to get lucky with an amorous lady friend before things take one interesting turn after another. “It was a great opportunity to work again with my "Oga", Niyi Towolawi, after Turning Point, and I had an incredible time shooting Tied Up with the cast and crew”, says Fares. Marc Adebesin, on his debut production, says “the art of producing and making movies is all about make believe and understanding what is in frame and what is out of it. My first production ever and it was a great learning curve”.

The first of regular planned short films, the production follows a natural desire to engage the UK’s filmmaking community with the producer, having promoted the UK film industry over the years, partners with the director, known for his uncompromising quality, in an effort for the duo to champion the development of upcoming screen talent in the UK.

Niyi Towolawi adds, “having recently just completed my first feature film shot entirely in London, the previous three having been set in Nigeria and the USA, I couldn’t wait to get back on set to work with the abundance of talent available all around me.

Tied Up is now online to be enjoyed for free on YouTube:


Watch the Trailer for “4-1-Love” starring Bovi, Lilian Esoro, Kenneth Okonkwo, Alex Ekubo & More

When a young lady’s innocent online romance turns sour, her real-life boyfriend decided to wade in and use the unsuspecting man as a Cash Cow.

Now, if you are duped of money it is called 419 but if you are duped of love, what do you call it? ‘4-1-Love?’ This movie is a must watch. The movie has a star-studded cast that comprises of Kenneth Okonkwo, comedian Bovi, Ebele Okaro, Bryce Bassey, Lilian Esoro, Bobby Michaels and many others. The movie was produced by Okey Ezugwu and directed Ikechukwu Onyeka. It shows in cinemas nationwide from August 19th and is a must watch!

A truly interesting film, ‘41Love’ is filled with lessons on love, life and its consequences.

Watch the trailer below.


‘People said I could have done better in a Marriage Partner’ – Osas Ajibade talks Pregnancy, Marriage & More in New Interview

When Osas and Gbenro Ajibade made the announcement that they were pregnant, they did it in a unique way on the cover of Genevieve Magazine’s June 2016 issue.

Since then the two of them have welcomed their daughter and are settling in nicely as new parents.

In her interview with Genevieve mag, Osas talked about everything from hiding her pregnancy to the fear of jinxing the pregnancy and more. She also talks about her husband, life as a married woman and so much more.

On the process of hiding her bump: Hiding this pregnancy hasn’t been easy and it has been a challenge getting dressed every day to hide my bump but doing that has allowed me try different fashion choices I would previously have been nervous about. Take my AMVCA ball gown for instance. I would never have chosen a ball gown because I am more of a form fitting dress type of girl but Toju Foyeh (designer) made it work. It’s funny how even she didn’t notice any changes when she took my measurement because I have perfected the art of sucking in my belly. I pulled it off and not one person noticed I was hiding something. This has taught me that we can be fashion forward with pregnancy and I hope to be an inspiration for women going through body changes.

On why she kept it a secret: This is my first child and I do not want people’s opinions or judgment at this time. I have friends in the industry who were judged heavily when they were pregnant and it is not easy. I want to take back that power from the public and enjoy my pregnancy with all its challenges. Unfortunately I am aware that this is the industry we signed up for and people will always judge. It’s a very sensitive period for us especially with my older sister passing away from malaria when she was with child. My mum is really protective and she is on board with my keeping this pregnancy a secret. Losing a child is not easy on any parent so I understand why she is being protective. She even shared with me some Benin superstitions like putting a pin on my clothes to ward off evil and never telling anyone how far gone I am in my pregnancy and I am following her instructions to the letter. I was surprised when Aunty Betty confirmed that she also wore a pin on her dresses during her own pregnancies as well. We know the culture we are in. Let’s be real, there are bad belle people out there so to protect this blessing we are going to enjoy this moment privately.

On how she felt when she found out she was pregnant: This pregnancy wasn’t planned at all. As newlyweds we just wanted to enjoy our marriage before thinking about having kids but life happens. Interestingly, Gbenro figured it out before I did. I wasn’t feeling well and he told me he was going to get me some orange juice. On returning, he handed me a pregnancy test kit. I took the test and came downstairs to tell him the result. We stared at each other for what felt like forever and I said the words “We are pregnant”. We embraced for a long time and seeing my husband who is a true alpha African man in that state of emotion was such a beautiful moment. This pregnancy has brought out a new side of Gbenro who is usually very calm. Seeing him so excited when he rubs and listens to my belly is the most beautiful thing in the world. I now call him Papa G and he always smiles when I call him that. In fact I want 10 kids but Gbenro says I am on my own.

On her sister’s death: Because of where we are [Nigeria] I would be lying if I said it hasn’t crossed my mind that revealing my pregnancy might jinx it. That’s why we are taking precautions to ensure we don’t go through the same events around the time my sister passed on. My sister’s death was an unfortunate situation but we will not let her death be in vain and are taking all the necessary precautions. This might be a cliché thing to say but I keep God first and it has always worked for me. It is never easy to not know all the answers but the number one answer is God and he would always lead the way. My mum always says prevention is better than cure and that’s one of the reasons I am leaving today for the United States to have my baby. I take precautions with everything, even with my career. I keep things to myself until they are birthed. When I was very young, I was on the phone to my friend telling her of my plans. My dad overheard me and said to me; “Hang up the phone. You don’t tell anyone your plans before they happen!” and that stuck with me. I had a lot of apprehensions initially about this pregnancy but I encourage myself by saying “You cannot have faith and worry at the same time. Pick one!” My husband feels the exact same way and he speaks so strongly of his faith. We would be silly to be oblivious to the evil in the world but God will not allow it come our way. I am grateful to Genevieve for keeping this private and announcing it in a special way. The Husband

On falling in love with Gbenro: A woman always gets the sense that a man wants to hook up with her but I didn’t get that from him. It was actually me who asked him out the first time. Most of my friends and family were in the States so I was all by myself in Nigeria. I did not know anyone and we hung out a lot together. Gbenro’s friendship and loyalty drew me to him. He was such a cool person to hang out with, very sweet and he always looked out for me. From then on the friendship grew and it was such an organic relationship.I really am in love with Gbenro. He is so funny and I am always laughing when I am with him. I am concerned for our neighbours because it could be 2 o’ clock in the morning and I am bursting out laughing. He is an absolute comedian and people don’t see that side of him.

On how she knew he was the one: There were several factors that made me realise Gbenro was the man for me. They say you know a person best when you travel with them. After we started dating, he surprised me and took me to Obudu Cattle Ranch for our first Valentine’s Day as a couple. As a child of the diaspora I didn’t get a lot of exposure to Nigeria besides what the media pushed out to us. When I got to Obudu I exclaimed! “This is Nigeria? Nigeria is beautiful.” We don’t get to know in the United States that places like Obudu or Victoria and Banana Island exist and that’s why Gbenro was determined to show me places and expose me to a different world. We got to know each other outside of distractions and Valentine’s Day has become so important to us. Gbenro gives me the fairy-tale. It’s funny how I still get butterflies when I look at him. He is the love I have been searching for. If he were to step into this room right now, I would be like a little girl. He doesn’t compare to the other men I had dated in the past. My old boyfriends had different qualities but those qualities didn’t all come together. One was tall but a push over the other one was cute but not very smart. It needed to all come together in one man and Gbenro was that man. He has it all plus the things I didn’t even know I liked in man. If that’s not the man for me, then I don’t know who is. And Lord is he funny! I wish people knew that side of him. The ultimate deciding factor however was something he did which I unfortunately cannot share. (Here, she really broke down; she however shared it with us and we all teared up.) No one saw that coming. Because I have never liked dishonesty in a relationship and I think it is a faulty foundation to build anything on; I opened up completely to Gbenro about something that no one else knows about me and he loved me regardless. It made me realise that this is the man for me. Unfortunately I am not ready to share that with the world.

On meeting his parents: I met his parents the Valentines weekend he took me to Obudu. While I am aware that there is this negative belief about your significant other’s parents, I have been so blessed. When I arrived at his house, his mother stepped out on the balcony called my name in such a loving way and welcomed me with open arms. I still have chills when I think about that moment. I couldn’t believe it was happening. His family is like the Huxtables on The Cosby show. They are such amazing people, so family oriented, supportive and real. They didn’t care where I came from. They just loved the fact that Gbenro was bringing a girl home for the first time. Up till now I can call my mother in law anytime I want to, she is there for me and she loves me. Look! She’s calling me right now. His family is amazing and his brothers and sister are beautiful and well-rounded individuals. They really take God as number one and it’s so admirable. My mother-in-law has a nickname for me. She calls me Sa-Sas and I love it. I love the way his mum treats his dad. They have been together for over 30 years and still act like high school lovers. Growing up with examples like that, it’s clear why Gbenro is who he is.

On choosing Happiness over Obvious Wealth: People say I could have done better but I don’t even think about it. I know what I have gone through and the kind of men who have approached me. The first and most important thing to me is love. Of course I know some billionaires could have courted me but I am not about the money. When I first returned from the US that’s what I was being approached with but it’s never been my priority. Love is more important to me. Gbenro might not be the richest man in the world but there is love and we will grow together and that’s what makes me proud of our marriage. Would I rather be rich and miserable? No! I have a man who is smart and talented, so handsome and God fearing. There is no other direction he would go but upwards because he is a man who is determined for himself and his family. I am not worried that he is not a billionaire; by God’s grace he will get there. I’d rather be happy in the man he is and the man I know he is aspiring to be. People will always have opinions. I am judged even for the air I breathe.

On rumours that Gbenro was with her for a green card: Being in the limelight, I hear different things and I wouldn’t be human if some of them didn’t get to me; especially the comments people made about how he is only with me because he wants a green card. That was very hurtful because people don’t understand the love we have for each other. Everybody likes a good life. Who no like better tin? If he is able to get a green card for being with me, then that is a blessing but for people to assume that that is the only reason he is with me is very hurtful. Gbenro has had different opportunities in his life and he could have made that [a green card] happen a long time ago. He always tells me that he had never envisioned himself being in love and in a relationship until he met me. He thought he might just end up having a baby mama. I didn’t ask him to marry me. He asked me to take this journey with him. People can talk all they want.

On life as Mrs. Ajibade: People say the first 6 months of marriage are the toughest and we have gone through our fair share of ups and downs. Culture was a big shock for me and being a wife is a different life altogether. I was a bachelorette doing whatever I wanted but now I am a caretaker and I have to care for my husband. I hear it’s normal to have a maid in Nigeria but I am not used to that. I upkeep my house myself even though my husband is open to employing someone for that. I do not trust anyone because I am scared. I never really liked cooking. I was the girl who would whip up a nice bowl of noodles for myself but I’m married now and Gbenro is used to eating a full-grown man’s meal. Whether I am hungry or not there has to be food in my house. I had to learn how to cook what he likes. He loves Banga soup and I am grateful to his mum who taught me to do different dishes that her son loves. I’m not complaining because if he is constantly eating out that will never make me happy. I want him to look good and I want him to be happy when he comes home. It is not so much a challenge but it is a different life.

On the compromises: Gbenro and I decided to come to a compromise and do only one project/movie at a time. I love that he loves me but in the African culture for example seeing your woman kiss another man on screen is a big challenge. In coming to a compromise I asked myself, is kissing someone else much more important than my relationship with my husband? Will the kissing scene, if taken out detract from the story? If not, then I am happy to compromise. So we will do one project at a time and kissing is off the table right now but it might be on the table later. I also understand now that Gbenro needs his space. Whenever Gbenro needs his Gbenro time I give that to him that and whenever I need Osas time, Gbenro gives that to me. What I love is that we are learning to communicate better and work with each other day by day.

On divorce: It’s scary hearing about all these examples of celebrity breakups but there are good examples as well. Take Aunty Joke Silva and Uncle Olu Jacobs, Aunty Betty and uncle Soni. Ahn Ahn! Chai! These people have been married longer than I was even born. You also have examples like Omotola Jalade and her husband. There are still beautiful examples of what marriage can be and I have a husband whose goal is to have a successful marriage like his parents and that is an additional blessing.

Credit: Genevieve Magazine.

Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is a Brand Ambassador for IT Firm Edalaf Brothers

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry has just landed another endorsement deal.

The movie star is now the new face of Edalaf Brothers, an IT firm which provides integrated school management system software in Nigeria.

Biodun Falade, a co-founder of the firm noted that the actress was an ideal choice of ambassador for the company. “Mercy Aigbe has done pretty well for herself in the entertainment industry, she is at the peak of her career, she has been scandal-free and chiefly, her character is congruent with our brand. She will in no doubt reach out to our target market and impact the youths of this nation.” Reacting to the honour, the elated actress said,

Words cannot express the pride and honour I feel about this great company. It has been a remarkable year for me and I am beyond thrilled to have been considered for such a huge role.

RMD Challenges Jumia for Unauthorized Use of Photo

Nigeria’s popular online fashion and beauty retailer, Jumia, is currently embroiled in a case of unauthorized use of image rights of veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, (RMD) on ‘Jumia Fashion’ Instagram page without the actor’s permission.

According to RMD’s publicist, this unauthorized use of the image has been ongoing and has had the effect of portraying to unsuspecting customers that Jumia enjoys the patronage of or endorsement of RMD. RMD is a well known brand ambassador for various companies and his image has been widely and regularly used for product placement in a variety of platforms. He has always jealously guarded his image and has been meticulous about the type of products and services associated therewith. Jumia’s unilateral and unauthorized use of RMD’s image for the advancement of its products and website has undoubtedly enhanced Jumia’s brand awareness and created a buzz about Jumia’s fashion line at the expense of RMD.

RMD has since instructed his lawyer, Mena Ajakpovi of Messrs. Abraham & Co. to engage Jumia and seek redress at the law court if they are defiant. Jumia’s response has definitely been defiant and unapologetic. They admitted that they had taken the images from the actor’s page but that it was not an infringement of his copyright since the image was on a public Instagram platform. This is even though they are using the image to promote their online fashion trade on their website page!

They offered to take the page down but have shown neither remorse nor offered any conciliatory compensation! The ‘Terms of Use’ of Instagram as stated on their website clearly prohibits Jumia from taking RMD’s pictures and using same to conduct its fashion business. Their defiance has left the ace actor with no alternative but to instruct his lawyers to sue JUMIA for punitive and exemplary damages for the infringement of his image rights.

Filmmaker Stephanie Linus Partners with the Canadian High Commission to Empower The African Child

Award winning actor and filmmaker, Stephanie Linus, was a keynote speaker at the ‘African Child Campaign’ organized by the Canadian High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria last Thursday, July 21st 2016. She spoke alongside the Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Perry John Calderwood under the theme “Empowering African girls to reach their full potential by delaying marriage and staying in school”.

The two-part event included a the screening of her movie ‘Dry’ and a Press Conference where Stephanie and the Canadian High Commissioner highlighted the efforts they have been employing to enable African women and girls reach their full potential, free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

In her remarks, the award-winning actress spoke passionately about the need for educating the African Child and how ‘Dry’ has been shifting conversations around the world, thereby shinning the spotlight on the African girl-child.

“As we watch this movie and as we discuss here today, let it be foremost in our minds that the education of girls, especially the most marginalized, is key to their survival & that of the future generation,” she said. 

The Canadian High Commissioner also reiterated the Canadian government’s commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, while highlighting some of their recent campaign efforts in Nigeria and other African countries.

The movie was well received by members of the press, staff of the Canadian High Commission and all invited guests who lauded Stepahnie’s efforts in producing a world-class movie which is being used as a tool to create awareness about the plight of the African Child.


Mercy Aigbe's stunning look to City People Awards

Mercy Aigbe-Gentry will be hosting the 2016 City People awards holding in Lagos this evening. She looks lovely in this green and black dress by Luminee. More photos after the cut...


Enyinna Nwigwe and Foladele Falana Are Guests on Episode 5 of #TSRwithadenike

On this show, Adenike, the presenter and movie critic, will review and critique various selections of African movies - Yoruba, English, Hausa, Ghanaian, South African, Kenyan etc. Adenike's criticism will include analysis and evaluation of movies and their medium while also taking her viewers further into the industry by interacting with filmmakers and actors alike.

On this Episode, Adenike is joined by TV Presenter Foladele Folana and together they review two Nigerian movies: Undercover Lover and The First Lady. The Episode also features an interview with Nollywood Actor Enyinna Nwigwe.

And as always, more exciting movie reviews!

Watch Episode Four below. For ease of viewing, it's been divided into 3 parts:




Actress Doris Simeon in New Photos as she celebrates her Birthday

Nollywood actress Doris Simeon is celebrated her birthday this weekend and to mark the special day she has released some new photos shot by Sunmisola Olorunnisola and styled by Abby Alabi.

Check out the photos below.

Credits: Stylist – Abby Alabi @Styledbyabby Clothes – @Tytysignature Makeup – @Makeupby_Bolablaque Photography – Sunmisola Olorunnisola @Sunmisola_Olorunnisola

Oge Okoye's fans blast her for choice of outfit to church

The Nollywood actress and mother of one is currently facing huge criticism on her Instagram page over her choice of outfit to church today. Some of her fans believe that her dress is too revealing for church as it shows off her boobs.

See their comments after the cut.

A photo posted by AngelicQueen (@ogeokoye) on


Photos from Actor, Filmmaker - John Njamah's Wedding

Actor John Njamah over the weekend got married to his Cameroonian girlfriend, Angwi. His sister, Empress Njamah shared photos from his wedding. Congrats to them. More photos after the cut...


Dry - Stephanie Linus Nigerian Nollywood Movie Review

Dry is a 2014 Nigerian drama film directed by Stephanie Linus and starring Stephanie Okereke, Liz Benson, William McNamara, Darwin Shaw and Paul Sambo.

On 20 July 2013, a teaser trailer for the film was released in response to the Child marriage controversy ongoing in Nigeria at the time.

An inspiring true story of Zara and Halima who find themselves in the same cultural trap regardless of their background,they each struggle to make meaning to their lives. Dry nigerian nollywood movie is produced by Stephanie linus.

Watch the review below


Alex Ekubo writes an open letter to his Future Wife

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has a message for his future wife. He shared this via a letter he posted on Instagram. I like the part where he said he's a huge kisser...:-). Read what he wrote below.

To Whom it may Concern;
Dear Future Wife,
I'm writing you this letter, from the deepest part of my Heart, the part that is reserved for Joh-loff Rice & goat meat, so pls feel special. Consider this a pointer or heads-up & act accordingly.
1. You MUST love our Lord Jesus Christ, with all sincerity, in deeds & in purpose.#JesusIsBae
2. i'm filled with Simple Complexities & Complex Simplicities... #DealOrNoDeal?
3. I'm NOT here to pay for your Ex's mistake, i was not there when you both were "doing" so pls don't punish me. #InnocentMe
4. I'm a huge kisser, key word HUGE.
5. Pls forgive me for all i'll say when i'm hungry I Love FOOD i really do.
6.I love play i don't take myself too serious, you shouldn't too (nobody cares) there are more important things going on in the World.
7. Hope you love to travel, because i am Ajala the Traveler.
8. Pls be beauty with Brains, i take God beg you, because beauty fades, but an intelligent wife is forever.
9. Pls pls pls pls come with factory fitted sense of humor. (Nothing is that serious).
10. Lastly, you must acknowledge the AlexxEkubo Wives Association Worldwide (A.W.A) they'v been my support structure holding me down all the while you were forming "Baddest girl ever liveth" they were here voting & encouraging my ministry, don't come & put sand-sand in their garri.
Hope with these few points of mine i've been able to convince you & not confuse you. See you at the Altar. 💍👫
Sincerely yours,
Best Husband Ever Liveth.
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