The Screening Room With Adenike Official Teaser/Trailer/Promo

It's finally here! It's bigger and better, The Screening Room With Adenike (TSR)! Premieres on the 27th of June on YouTube!

The Screening Room with Adenike (TSR) is an African Movie based TV show, with 50% of the show dedicated to African Movie Reviews while the remaining 50% consists of interviews, behind-the-scenes, industry news and much more!

On this show, Adenike, the presenter and movie critic, will review and critique various selections of African movies - Yoruba, English, Hausa, Ghanaian, South African, Kenyan etc. Adenike's criticism will include analysis and evaluation of movies and their medium while also taking her viewers further into the industry by interacting with filmmakers and actors alike.

Watch the trailer below.

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