“It is not your business” – Emeka Ike shuts down Interviewer asking about his Wife

This video clip from TVC’s “Entertainment Splash” shows actor Emeka Ike being asked if his wife was back in their matrimonial home and he told the reporter to mind her business. He also told her that she needs to keep quiet because more “speculations” in the media can disrupt the ongoing peace talks between him and his wife.

He added “We are working things out and the thing is this, whatever it is, you keep working on things. You keep working things out. You are not going to give up on something you love. Now you have a gold chain on your neck and you are at Oshodi bus stop and you are driving and some guy puts his hand through your window to rip off that chain off your neck; the first thing your hand will do impulsively is to protect your neck. You need to protect your own so no man can walk into another man’s house and say I want to marry your wife, it’s not possible.

Watch the video below.


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