A Gripping Short Film about the Relationship Strain between a Father & his Daughter! Watch the Trailer for Kunmi Ogunsola’s “Sunflower”

“Sunflower”, by Kunmi Ogunsola, is a story about the relationship between a father and daughter. We see a young 25-year-old Ayomide (Danielle Rockson) who is struck with the news of her father, Bode’s (Dennis Gerald) sudden death. The whole situation is particularly difficult because Ayomide and her dad (Bode) had become estranged after a series of conflicts between them over the years. We then follow Ayomide over the course of a few days to see how she struggles to deal with her father’s loss and her unresolved issues with him.

Watch the trailer here!

“Sunflower” will be screened on June 28th in Manchester and on July 8th in London.

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