#RUMOURHASIT That Toni Tones Is Not An Actress ... My Thoughts On NdaniTV's New Series Episode 1

NdaniTV is famous for producing really exciting content; from talk shows to drama, it never gets boring with them. And following in that pattern is the newly released web series titled #RUMOURHASIT. This series features Uru Eke as a celebrity blogger with a major scandal.

Having watched the first episode, Ndanitv once again stuns in production quality. However, I can already tell that there will be quite a number of pills to swallow in watching this series.
  1. Toni Tones: Miss Toni is a cringe-worthy actress! Gosh! While she has a lovely voice and can probably hold her own on the music scene, Toni is like a sore thumb that’s just sticking out in the acting world. The few scenes she appeared in this episode were difficult to watch. She seemed stiff, un-relatable and lacked attitude; the attitude such a supposedly close friend would have if they were breaking such awful news. It was very difficult watching her. The car scene wasn’t any better. Not to mention the makeup was quite distracting. It appeared she had a perception of what the character was supposed to be like and couldn’t shake.
  2. Bayo Alawiye: I love Bayo, but as a filmmaker. Period. If Bayo had directed this web-series, we probably wouldn’t be seeing some of the awful camera angles we got in the first episode. As an actor, Bayo falls short most, if not all the time. His face was expressionless and there was a disconnect between his character and Uru’s. Bayo does better behind the camera than in front of it. 
  3. Uru Eke: Seemed to have not only been an actress in episode one but one of the forces that held the whole thing together. She had to compensate for the short comings of her co-actors. Especially in the scene with Bayo. She over acted a bit. I suppose in trying to compensate for Bayo’s lack of presence. She is a fantastic actress though. No doubt about that.
  4. Makeup: The makeup artiste clearly had some beef with Toni Tones; if not why would she paint her face like that? I can justify Uru’s makeup based on the fact that she’s on TV and in reality needs more makeup but Toni? That car scene did not do her justice at all.
  5. Weak Editing & Soundtrack: For the first episode of the show, you’d expect that there would be a HA moment. Something catchy and exciting that sets the tone for what’s to come. The editing was off and the soundtrack could have been absent for all I cared. I would not have noticed. The whole thing felt rushed. A proper foundation should have been laid for Uru's character. Such that we have a level of appreciation and respect for her as a blogger before dropping the bombshell about her husband. 

Of course all of these are my thoughts based on just the first episode of the series. So it is possible that my thoughts might change as we move along. But you know what they say about first impressions …

Watch the first episode below.


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  1. Wow....you have discouraged me from watching. Let's see though


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