“It’s easy to brag about success but hide how it was really achieved” – Actress Victoria Inyama shares some Monday Inspiration

Actress Victoria Inyama has got an inspiring message for her fans this morning. The London based movie star wrote on Instagram:

“1st Sam 2v3-8. Let me stir up a bit. Do u know that every Victor’ has once been a Victim’ Why do we sometimes allow what we see on Social media to affect us? 
Mentally, Emotionally, till we begin to question ourselves, our existence, when we see some posts that show an excellent life or lifestyle, we begin to stress ourselves unnecessarily. (see Naaaaaa, God why, he or she get 2 head). Truth is, can u bear what has Victimised them for them to be Victors now? Through d media show offs, think this, is this to inspire, encourage or to boast? 
Am I encouraging U to work hard and achieve or screw hard and attain😁(both ways). Truth is, d picture is me but has been filtered, enhanced and all but is that d true me??????? 
It’s D me that I want U to see. All dat flash’s ain’t real 90%. Don’t let what u see affect u. It’s easy to come brag about success but hide how it was really achieved. 
Don’t get me wrong, there is a perfect life but that’s when You Are Content!!!!! and Work & Pray Hard to achieve more. Let’s Support each other. Pray 4 each other #love#live#laugh#learn. Have a Great fruitful Week.”

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/victoriainyama

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