Emmanuel Imani, Mary King & More star in “Concealed”

There’s a new web drama series for you.

‘Concealed’ stars Emmanuel Imani (Criminal with Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones), Mary King (Martin Luther King theatre biopic America: Dreams & Nightmares), and Nayo Jobson (BBC’s Silent Witness and Pentland Theatre’s Bag Ladies), and it has been receiving early support from The British Blacklist, Mad News UK, and African Voice Newspaper.

The 7-part series is a thrilling drama spectacle, gripping from start to finish. The drama series centers around nine young professionals trying to do life in London, each of them facing their own struggles and battling their own demons. From Moses (Emmanuel Imani), who is trying to hold his life together after breaking up with the warm-hearted Alika, to Kara (Mary MJ King), who is torn between her fiancé Kojo and her ‘true love’ Jackson, to Giselle (IB Para-Mallam) and Tayo (Tayo Anthonio), who seem to be building a relationship based on false ‘love’. '

Concealed' Full Cast ‘Concealed’ Full Cast Speaking about the inspiration for Concealed, show creator and writer Sandra Koree said, “The show sheds light on the issues that many young adults just like me, are facing today. I wrote this because there are tons of web and TV series out there, but none that connect to me as a young Christian woman.

‘Concealed’ explores the endless moral dilemmas faced by so many of us – Love or lust? Faith or logic? My flesh or my spirit? Heart or mind? My way or God’s way?”

Watch episode one below.


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