Ghanaian TV Presenter & Actress Sika Osei is out with her Second Short Film! Watch the Psychological Thriller “3NA: 3 Nights Ago”

Sika Osei known for being a host on 53Extra plays a lead role alongside Mawuli Gavor and new comer Kwame Annom Amfo on this project written by Gene Adu and directed by Idowu Okeniyi. In a statement she described playing dual roles as executive producer and actress on this as “extremely difficult.”

“Three Nights Ago” is about a woman’s bizarre encounter with a stranger. The thriller touches on the subject matter of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) specifically how the disorder develops after unexpected shocking or dangerous events. Sika says she felt she needed to shed more light on this sensitive subject.

I definitely knew that this was a film I wanted to make because it strongly moved me to know that so many people go through such traumatic experiences not just by strangers but people they know and trust which ends up being covered up by family or themselves as a way of saving face and covering their shame and never dealing with the negative emotional and psychological effects that it may have on them,” she said.

People who have PTSD feel stressed even when they are not in danger and in many cases have re-experiencing symptoms. The film producer said it was time to encourage and help people diagnosed with this illness. “But at the same time I was so hesitant to step into their shoes which I had to if I wanted to do justice to their reality on screen. It was really a matter of being brave as well as being delicate and respectful to these victims. The truth is my character could be your mother, sister, friend or just a stranger but this could be closer to you that you think. And it’s time we talk about it and learn how to encourage those who’ve gone through such experiences to speak up and get help.

Watch the short film below.


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