The Screening Room: Wives On Strike Nigerian Movie Review

Wives on Strike, is a hilarious comedy about a group of market women who decided to take matters into their own hands against their husbands in a bid to stir them into standing up for a young girl whom they wanted to protect from the wishes of her own father. The women, who hilariously interpret their roles, set a series of events in motion to give the movie many moments of laughter without missing a beat on the reason for everyone to know why they are on strike.

Genre : Comedy

Starring :
Uche Jombo, Chioma Akpotha, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Kehinde Bankole, Kalu Ikeagwu, Julius Agwu, Kenneth Okonkwo

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The Screening Room: The Visit Nigerian Movie Review

Eugenia and Chidi Nebo are the perfect couple; organised, well cultured, with enviable degrees. Both are career driven and successful in their respective fields. For the Nebos’ their regimented and quiet lives though boring to many is that which brings perfect harmony into their lives and relationship or so they think. The same cannot be said for their neighbours; Lanre and Ajiri Shagaya.
Their lives are an embodiment of chaos, gross misconduct, and everything else the Nebo's are not. They’re loud, cantankerous and overly boisterous but one thing can be said of the couple, they love each other passionately. They’re the Nebos’ worst nightmare and both couples despise each other without concealing their resentment.

Femi Jacobs Blossom Chukwujekwu Nse Ikpe Etim Bhaira Mcwizu

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'She Was Kissed By A Frog Who Didn’t Turn Into The Prince She Desired’ | Charles Novia on Tiwa Savage’s Revelations

Last night, social media went ablaze after singer Tiwa Savage’s interview with Azuka Ogujiuba was published.
Movie producer and writer, Charles Novia, has reacted via an article published on his blog, Charles Novia Daily.
According to him, the interview was completely tacky and poorly delivered.  Read his full article:

"I watched the video interview of Tiwa Savage. And I have a few thoughts on it. Seems to me that the basic idea, coming from a PR perspective, was to pull a fast Olivia Pope ish on the scandal which broke a few hours ago. And understandably so. Tiwa Savage is a Brand Ambassador for a few top brands such as MTN, Pepsi and Pampers. Whatever the negative fallout of this impending and scandalous divorce , it’s going to have some downside a bit on the brands she campaigns for. So a fast ‘tell-my-side-of-the-story mode’ had to be employed and fast too. I don’ t know if a professional PR person was involved with the packaging but it was tacky. Not professionally done, in my opinion. I’m not harping on what she said, as those things are her personal heart cry and she has a right of reply but I’m more interested in the optics of what has been put out. 

First, perhaps in a bid to elicit some linear empathy or something, Tiwa was made to think that looking humble and contrite corresponds with tying a dormitory scarf on her head and looking casual in a T Shirt was a good way to send the message home. I think it only demystified her brand more. This is a video which would be watched for years to come and even more so by her kid. Having tried so hard to be a Beyonce clone in Nigeria (and that’s my perception of her artistic projectionsall these years), she should have known too that Beyonce never plays with her optics in any way. That scarf and sombre look wasn’t the right optics, if you ask me. 

There are more visually acceptable ways of projecting a diva’s side of the story and her PR team ( if she has any) messed it up there. I’m asking myself too if the proprietary of having such an interview twenty four hours after the scandal was advisable. For many, it wouldn’t matter but for some, perhaps a little dignified silence would have been advisable. Ma’am, you are supposed to be pop queen. You be ‘ Dorodiva’ . A simple press statement that you and your family would love to have your privacy respected at these trying period and bla bla bla would have kept everyone a bit cool till a proper interview surfaces. 

Recent clamping up lessons from Toke Makinwa would have helped. And the spilling though! I really have nothing to say on that much. First, every marriage have peculiar challenges. And couples try to work things out till the pressure point either makes the marriage go South or force the brakes for reconciliation. I have written many times about couples, especially celebrity couples who ‘flash and form’ seemingly pristine lifestyles on social media and I always end my homilies with the caveat that incessant kudos by one or even both partners to each other on social media at the slightest opportunity, are indications of a festering problem in that marriage. 

It’s the way it is here. The guy can be pummeling the wife every morning and she still would go up on social media to post his picture with words like ‘the only one for me…my lover, my life’. Incredible. In her interview, Tiwa said she dreaded his birthdays or wedding anniversaries because of “what people would say”. Sad, when a marriage is predicated on keeping up appearances for the public when it should actually be more private for both couples. Like I said, what she said in the interview is her right of reply. I would sympathise with her beyond the cosmetic sympathies she’s getting from fans, friends and fiends. She wanted a fairy tale life, worked hard to build it but found out that she was kissed by a frog who didn’t turn out to be the Prince she desired. 

My sympathy would be on the truncation of that dream and really not the nightmare she woke up from. Because she created it with him. And it had its entertainment value for the fans who lapped it all up. He was still legally married, from reports back then which were either squashed or played down, yet she ignored the alarm bells and still went ahead to marry him “after the traditional introduction”. What was celebrated in far away Dubai was just a reception for the introduction perhaps and not the legal nuptials. 

I stand to be corrected on this? It’s the classic case of the gullible girls always falling for the bad guys. And when you ask the question why such girls fall into that trap, they would reply that ‘I thought I could change him. That he would change’. Shiooor! His father could not change him, his mother could not change him but it’s you and your ikebe that will now change him? The gods are wise! She has denied the allegations of the trysts she purportedly had with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid and Tuface. Just as well too. 

Because I’m sure those guys must have had some temporary flaccidity after Tee’s ‘depressed’ rant. Person go just siddon e own and next tin your name go dey for somebody gbanshing list! Na wa o. And hasn’t this marital incubus taken its toll on her career in the past year? I think it has. In my opinion, this last album of Tiwa is crap. It’s quite a flat album. And it’s being received as such since its release in December. Perhaps the matrimonial shenanigans distracted the focus. It’s going to be hard work to rebuild her career from here on. 

Hard work. But she could just reinvent her career too. She seems like one who came into the scene with a ferocious focus to be on top. And she was arguably the biggest female act on he scene before perhaps a personal yearn for emotional fulfilment veered her off the path. And in trying to make a comeback, it hasn’t been easy. The fans have limited patience and other female rivals have come on the scene. Somehow, some comic relief seems to have come out of this. 

And it is perhaps culinary by inference. ‘ Edible Catering’. Talk about choking on one’s swallow! No pun intended. I do not know how people psycho-analysed that Tee Blizz’s instagram rants were as a result of depression. It seemed like a drunken or spaced-out outcry to me when I read it. And an accompanying recant on twitter later that his account was hacked seemed too like some silly sobriety thereafter. It’s high time these celebrities stop using the hacking excuse to cover up for infantile discretions. In all of this, I do feel some little sympathy for the couple. 

But there is a larger lesson to be learnt from all this by them and intending couples too ; stop trying to keep up with The Joneses when in actual fact you have forgotten that you are The Jegedes. 

Keep the ish real. Oh….and if Tee Blizz was really hovering around the Lekki Ikoyi bridge as reported, for a suicide swim from which he was saved by Banky and others, then I would advise a whole squad or eagle – eyed friends to surround all bridges in Lagos after this Tiwa’s interview. She cleaned him out. Finished his ass like he messed up hers the day before. Depression? Nigger’s likely to see any bathtub as a river after he watches this video."

Tiwa Savage Addresses Tee Billz’s Accusations In A Detailed Video

Nigerian pop singer, Tiwa Savage, 36, in a video exclusively obtained by Pulse Nigeria has addressed her husband’s shocking allegations made yesterday, Thursday, April 28, 2016.


In an exclusive interview with Thisday journalist, Azuka Ogujuiba and obtained by following her husband's accusations yesterday, the singer said she's never cheated on him. She confirmed that he was found on Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge yesterday, and said they've been separated for two months.
She also said she knew the marriage wasn't going to work. She said she found out she was pregnant again while in Jamaica but had a miscarriage and later found out her husband was cheating. She said Teebillz has never spent a dime on their child and she was the one taking care of their family. She also accused him of allegedly stealing from her and taking cocaine in their home. She said their marriage is over and what he did on social media was Godsent...that it made it easier for her to finally walk away.
She said a whole lot more.... "I have never cheated on my husband. Not with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, 2face Idibia or anybody. I have never cheated on my husband, and Tunji knows this. He knows that in his heart."(She breaks down in tears)


Bimbo Akintola, Linda Ejiofor, Kehinde Bankole, Ade Bantu & More star in “8 Bars & A Clef” – A Movie about Music, Love and Drama!

If you love Nigerian music, you are in for a treat as new movie “8 Bars and A Clef” chronicles the rise to grace of a talented act, Victor E.

The movie stars Nollywood favourites such as Bimbo Akintola, Wale Ojo, Linda Ejiofor and Kehinde Bankole. The movie has as its lead character the multi-talented alternative music act Ibukun (IBK) SpaceshipBoi with the iconic Ade Bantu who makes a stellar Nollywood debut.

Expect a lot of love, drama, tears and great music as the movie follows the struggles of a young talented rapper (IBK) who battles a learning disability, a dysfunctional home and betrayal to make it in the Nigerian music industry.

“8 Bars and a Clef” was produced and directed by Chioma Onyenwe for Raconteur Productions and was first screened at AFRIFF in November 2015. It will hit the cinemas in June 2016.


NdaniTV’s “Skinny Girl In Transit” is BACK for Season 2 with New Additions to the Cast

One of our fave shows of all time from NdaniTV is back for a second season.

“Skinny Girl In Transit” is coming back for another season, and it looks like there are new additions to the cast of the show. Joining the series this season is former Project Fame Winner, Ayoola, WFM OAP and actress, Bisola Aiyeola and actress, Ini Dima-Okojie.

We can’t wait to see what twists NdaniTV has in store for us this season. Meet the new cast members below.

NdaniTV’s Skinny Girl In Transit is powered by Guaranty Trust Bank.
Photography by Kosol Onwudinjor
Make Up: @bookofglamstories
Hair: @Emmystylesignature
Styling: Ms Modish

Tope Tedela, Kiki Omeili & More star in Imoh Umoren’s “The Happyness Limited”

Directed by Imoh Umoren, “The Happyness Limited” stars Tope Tedela, Kiki Omeile, Gregory Ameh, Kingsley Nwachukwu, Racheal Emem Isaac, Harry Dorgu, Duke Elvis, Seun Kentebe and more.

The Happyness Limited is a film about a man Gregory Ameh played by Tope Tedela who loses everything in a fire and is scarred. His badly burnt child needs a surgery and Gregory Ameh does all he can to raise money for her. He is seriously hampered as people will not hire him because he is deformed. He eventually finds work as a party mascot for children. Hoping this was a ray of sunlight but his life takes another turn when he falls in love with his prostitute neighbour Agnes (played by Kiki Omeili) and forms an unlikely bond with her daughter Mandu (Played by Miriam Kayode). The Happyness Limited took 2 and a half years to make, from scripting to filming.

The scripting process took multiple rewrites consistently over a year plus. The film had to be pushed back because of location problems but was eventually made in March 2016.

The Director, Imoh Umoren is a well-known TV director. His foray into drama began in 2009 when he made his first feature Lemon Green and then went on to make his critically-acclaimed short film All Sorts Of Trouble. he won the AMVCA for his experimental film Hard Times and also directed Tales Of Eve season 5 and so many others

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IK Ogbonna Says Getting Married Doesn't Stop Your Shine

This week, Flavour asked a TV presenter to tell him which entertainer became more successful after getting married, saying marriage could be a distraction and could disrupt your career.
Well, Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna shared this today on his instagram page.

The Screening Room: Fast Fridays - Movies for the Weekend

Happy Weekend Movie Lovers!

Looking for movies to watch this weekend? Let Adenike guide you! The Screening Room presents, #FASTFRIDAYS!

#FASTFRIDAYS is a short show in which Adenike tells you what movies to watch during the weekend and where to watch them! Amazing right? We know! It's crash course in reviews! To be the first to find out about #fastfridays, follow The Screening Room @tsrwithadenike and Adenike @adenikeoadebayo on Instagram!


Kunle Afolayan, Joke Silva, Dakore Akande, Ufuoma McDermott & More spotted at Amsterdam’s King’s Day Festival

Netherlands celebrated King’s Day on Wednesday and several Nollywood stars were in attendance. Actor and producer Kunle Afolayan as well as veteran actress Joke Silva, Bimbo Akintola, Ufuoma McDermott, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Ifeoma Fafunwa, Elvina Ibru, Ayo Animashaun, Dakore Akande and more were spotted at the fun-filled festival dressed in the colour of the day, Orange.

According to Kunle Afolayan, who documented the trip on social media, “It was an eventful day yesterday in Amsterdam. The Netherland yesterday witnessed the best of Nigerian entertainment industry as we were invited and hosted by KLMnigeeia to be part of the Kings Day celebration. It’s was so so fun to have a blend of Dutch and NIGERIAN music, food, dance and general culture.

See photos from the fun festival below.


“Ground Zero +2” – Tribute To Amaka Igwe By Her Daughter, Ruby

Late Amaka Igwe‘s daughter, Ruby has paid tribute to her mother on her second year death anniversary. The film-maker and Nollywood icon died on April 28, 2014 in Enugu, aged 51.

‘Ground Zero +2 
To God who made me I don’t know how it’s two years today. Mummy, you’re still not back? I’m sure my memory will ease me back to a semblance of normalcy, but it won’t ever get there. 

I relive every hour. From midnight, or just before, from nine pm on the 27th when we had that three-hour call that ended with deathbed type words and prophecies and affirmations from you that I thought nothing of… …to 8am, when we started our average of 5-8 daily calls (sometimes email) procedure. That three-hour call was our farewell song. I just didn’t know you were singing. You told me you loved me, and I felt it in every fibre of my being. 

You told me how proud you were of me. You said you wouldn’t be there on my birthday. We talked about the future, and the future future, and unlike our usual co-daydreams you managed to keep the focus on me and erase yourself carefully out of it. 

Eight (or so) brief good morning, this-is-what-I’m-up-to calls, all the way to 4pm, when (I think) the 5th or 6th call (who counts when you think they will always come), when you called to check in and make sure I was studying, and give me your location, make me feel jealous all over again because I was the minority, away at school while you were with Dad and the boys… …And say goodbye for the very last time. It wasn’t even a proper goodbye. 

‘I’ll call you back’. Na so. My spirit knew there was something wrong when you didn’t call at 6pm. Or 8pm. So I call you, and you don’t pick up. To distract myself I launch into a long laugh/chat with a friend, and then panic at 9pm when I talk about you so I remember to call, and you still don’t pick up. More panic. Then I am called to be informed of a very out of the blue out of the way visit. And then I know. Without knowing. I run with the think horses not zebras approach. 

I decide your phone has been stolen, and the robber ate your sim card because he was hungry after executing the crime, or better yet was feeling guilty and decided to use the sim card as the bread component of communion, with freshly tapped palm wine as the other. I decide your battery melted in the hot Udi sun. 

I decide you were busy, and would be calling any minute to apologize and pick up where we left off. I prepped my pretend anger voice. I denied what no one but my heart was telling me. I held out for all kinds of hope. Prayed the craziest prayers. Bargained with God. 

That you would wake me up in the morning before my alarm. I believed that so much it was hard getting to sleep that night, I was waiting for the morning to come. Then it was all laid out, and I couldn’t un-know. You were gone. You were gone. You were gone. And you won’t be calling me back. They don’t have phones where you’ve gone. 

Seeing your phone and all your belongings when I got back home infuriated me. Then humbled me. Do not store up earthly treasures… Priorities. If anything, God should have allowed that phone follow you to heaven, with at least one Ankara outfit, your glasses, that drum, and your gold necklace that you wore forever. A heavenly starter pack, to ease you into your new and improved eternal life. Not so?

Last year I wrote about everything that was supposed to be. I was still very angry at you. Today, I am not that far away from anger, just down the road. Maybe next year I’ll be on a different street. Today is my Ground Zero Plus 2. 2 years ago today, the thing I feared the most happened to me. I lost my best friend; and I lost control. My plans were shredded. 

The floor vanished under me, and it started to simultaneously rain from the ceiling. I fell, and fell, and fell, and I reached my foundation. I don’t have precise words for what I feel. It’s never not going to hurt. I miss your full-frontal, spontaneous, in-your-face, fierce love. 

Sometimes I forget that you are gone, I really do. I have happy moments, with friends and family, I achieve something, I’m surprised, and I receive something undeserved unexpectedly and I reason that I can’t be this happy if you are gone. Then I look around for you to agree with me and my neck almost goes 360 because you are not here. Purpose has however never been more important. I feel awake. You leaving has unlocked latent places in me that I wish never had to exist and come to the fore, but I will make the most of. I feel deeper. 

I love the ones I love, much harder. I’m less scared, of speaking my mind. I don’t want to leave things left unsaid. I don’t want to leave my life half-lived. I’m scared more, because I have to think of my future and my future future without you. I don’t quite yet know how to exist in a world that you aren’t in; new phases and whatnot. 

I feel sometimes like a toddler someone yanked out of her walker. I can’t comprehend that I won’t see you see me graduate anymore, and become a Barrister, and write much more, and found things, and fulfill my destiny, and get married, have kids, and grand kids… So you mean you really won’t come back? My imagination cushions the impact. I have you prepping Jesus for a close-up, shooting the trailer for His return, with angels at the monitor, Peter at the camera, Uncle Offor holding the boom and you in the director’s chair yelling, ‘Aaaction!’ 

I have you eyeing me when I’m about to say something silly or do something stupid, or when I refuse to eat humble pie and apologize for doing said silly thing. I have you belly laughing in unison, when something I know would make us laugh makes me laugh. I have you, in a parallel planet, doing the Senior Status LLB like you said you would. I have you dabbing, and thanking God you don’t have to try and krump anymore. 

I have you virtually hugging me, tightly, bone crushingly; as if to pull all my scattered emotions back into order. I have you in my heart, in a special chamber, helping my heart beat with your drum, your shorts, the vest and a huge smile. I no longer think I have all the time in the world. But I’m still learning there’s a time for everything. 

I want to lean in so hard I’m half on the table. And if there’s no table I’m building one. Because life has never been shorter. And because I can. I love you deep. I love you bottomless. I love you so much it scares me. You used to say you loved me enough for both of us, I didn’t get it. Now, wherever you are, whether you can or can’t love me back, I love you enough for the both of us too. Mamma mia. It’s my turn. 

I didn’t know I would still be here, and still be me, but I am. I miss you without words, none are capable of articulating that emotion. Most times it makes me want to curl up in a ball, and not do anything at all. Sometimes, some days, that’s exactly what I do. But In this weakness I am strong. And it is still well. Nothing else to say or do, but thank God, for my Ground Zero plus 2.’

In April 2014, a spokesperson for Amaka Igwe studios told NET the sad incident occurred in Enugu where she had gone, in company of her husband, for pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap. ‘She suffered an asthma attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital after initial interventions had failed. She passed on before getting to the hospital’, a statement issued read. Mrs Igwe is survived by her husband of 21 years Charles Igwe, three children, an aged mother, siblings and a large extended family.

EbonyLife Films Announces New Rom Com “The Wedding Party”

EbonyLife Films has announced a new film, The Wedding Party. The romantic comedy will be directed by award-winning filmmaker and New York Film School alumni, Kemi Adetiba. The Wedding Party will be in cinemas nationwide in December 2016.
Set in Lagos, Nigeria, The Wedding Party is a riveting tale of the complexity of love. It is the story of Dunni Coker, a 24 year old art gallery owner and only daughter of her parents about to marry the love of her life, IT entrepreneur Dozie. The couple took a vow of chastity and is looking forward to a ground-breaking first night together as a married couple.

The date has been set and the bride’s parents, who have recently enjoyed a surge in their fortunes, are going all out to make this the wedding of the century. Dunni’s about to be mother-in-law, Obianuju is having second thoughts about allowing her son marry into a family she considers as beneath them. Will it all be too much to bear for the bride or will true love stand even the most chaotic of wedding celebrations? This romantic comedy is set to tickle, challenge and resonate with moviegoers nationwide.

Written by Tosin Otudeko, The Wedding Party is collaboration by some of Africa’s leading film powerhouses – EbonyLife Films, FilmOne Distribution, Inkblot Productions and Koga Studios, respectively. The Wedding Party is the second offering from EbonyLife Films after last year’s FIFTY. FIFTY was the undisputed cinema experience of 2015 as the biggest premiere in the history of the Nigerian Movie Industry and the top grossing Nigerian film of 2015.

Nollywood Actor Yul Edochie Addresses Car Accident Rumors (Video)

Light-skinned Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie was reportedly involved in an automobile accident on Monday, April 25, 2016. Several blogs reported the alleged incident, even going as far as posting pictures of the supposed accident.

The accident was said to have occurred at Udi in Enugu state, his state of origin. Yul’s car was said to have skidded off the road in his car and landed in a ditch.
The actor, who's also Pete Edochie's son, however took to his instagram page to debunk the rumors. He stated that he's very much alive and no such incident took place.
Watch the full video below.    


Mercy Aigbe-Gentry was Allegedly Arrested by the Police in Osogbo

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe was allegedly arrested by heavily armed policemen in Osogbo, Osun State. The arrest is said to have taken place on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Punch, some eyewitnesses said that the policemen fired their gun three times into the air before whisking the actress to an unknown place. It was not clear why the police team arrested her, but it is said that the policemen were on a stop-and-search patrol when they saw a police cap on the dashboard of Mercy’s car. Another eyewitness says the police team was in search of ‘yahoo boys’ (fraudsters) and the look of a young man, who drove the actress also attracted their attention. The altercation between her and the policemen attracted a crowd with some wanting to beat them up. The policemen called for reinforcement to prevent the crowd from attacking.

Here’s an eyewitness’ account: “When the policemen got to the junction, they went to the parked car and ordered the driver to roll down the window of the car because it was tinted and they could not identify those in the car. “Immediately the driver rolled down his window Mercy Aigbe rushed out of the car to confront the policemen. They eventually took her and the boy who drove away.”
The Acting Police Public Relations Officer in Osun State, Mr. Ajibade Egbedele, when contacted on the telephone said he had no information on the arrest. “There is no information on my table. I will find out and call you back.”

Mercy has reacted to the story via her Instagram page, denying reports that she was at fault.

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