Watch “The Encounter” – A Short Film Based on C. Odemegwu Ojukwu & Emmanuel Ifeajuna

“The Encounter” chronicles the story of a crucial moment in the Nigeria-Biafra civil war. The moment in question is the conversation between Biafran Commander-in-Chief General Emeka and imprisoned Emmanuel Ifeajuna.
Ifeajuna is allegedly behind a plot to come to an agreement of a ceasefire with Nigeria and overthrow the General. The resulting conversation determines Ifeajuna’s fate.

“The Encounter”, a Trino studios production, starring Gregory Ojefua, Amarachukwu Onoh and Stan Nze was directed by Tolu Ajayi, produced by Ekene Mekwunye and the screenplay written by Egbemawei Sammy and Frederick Anyaegbunam. Executive producers are Babatunwa Aderinokun and Uche Okocha. Watch the short film below.

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