Road To Yesterday – Nigerian Nollywood Movie Review

“Why do we love? Is it our way of finding our place in this world?
Finding someone who completes us? Or are we just afraid of being alone? Does life still have meaning without love or trust? – Genevieve Nnaji

Ishaya Bako
Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji
Oris Erhuero
Meg Otanwa
Deyemi Okanlawon
Baaj Adebule
Nancy Isime

Road to Yesterday (RTY) is a drama filled movie that tells the story of a particular couple, Victoria and Izu, and their turbulent marriage. The movie starts out telling us of their rocky marriage and thereafter takes us back to the beginning of their love story, and how they ended up where they were in the present time.

The Good
One of the first things that caught my attention in RTY was the casting. Having Genevieve Nnaji back in screen was a delight and the chemistry between herself and Oris was beautiful to watch. However, one of the things that make RTY stand out was the technical aspect of the movie: Picture, Sound design, Lighting.

All of these things made the movie beautiful. Another thing that stood out was the directing. Ishaya Bako had a clear direction of what he wanted to achieve with the actors and camera angles and he went for it. The actors’ movements were well coordinated and in sync with the camera movements. It was almost theatrical. The cinematography in RTY was equally beautiful and made the movie even more enjoyable than it would have been.
One of the things that also caught my attention with this movie was the story telling. Ishaya did an excellent job in consistently transitioning between past and present all through the movie without losing its viewers or getting them confused. This he achieved without having to use the typical gray scale coloring or black and white to differentiate the past from the present.
The Bad
The movie started out a bit slow in trying to lay the foundation and it required extra patience to sit through the first few minutes of the movie without walking out or dozing off. The progression of the movie could have been more fastened than it was and that would have given an enjoyable viewing experience.
Likewise, the inadequacy of background music also contributed to the boringness of the movie in a few places.
Chigurl’s character in the film was such a crucial character but she did not live up to expectations; not because she is a bad actress but because she was holding back all through the film. A character that was supposed to have life appeared dead and was lost in the shadow of Genevieve. Her importance in Genevieve’s story wasn’t felt, as it should have been.

Road to Yesterday achieves its aim in teaching a life lesson which is for individuals and couples alike to deal with issues as they come without leaving things to linger until we are unable to do anything about it. Teaching a life lesson while giving us drama and romance all in the same film is a job worth of commendation. Road to Yesterday is definitely a must watch movie.

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