The Return of Baby Oku in America, Nollywood Movie Review

The Return of Baby Oku in America is the sequel to Amaco's Investments Baby Oku in America, were Baby Oku tries to manage herself in America after her husband departure.
Baby Oku brings her special brand of razzness to suburban America when the man that impregnates her during a brief visit to the village agrees to her demands to wed and that the baby be born in America.
Mercy Johnson Okojie, Chet Anekwe, Ani Amatosero. Mercy Johnson Uche Ebere Agu Mary Igwe Ani Amatosero Chet Anekwe Maureen Okpoko

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  1. hi,i am jonathan martins.I also watched this amin orun movie way 1995/96 thereabout when it just caame out in the cinema, but till date, i have not seen the part two.i've asked and searched all to no avail.
    Can you be of can drop a note on my email should there be an y clue.


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