Letter To My Future Self

Dear Readers,
It seems like every time I get my act together and find a schedule that works, something happens that throws me off balance and then I have to start all over again. I apologize for the long and hard break in blogging. Life just seems to always find a way in. That’s not to say that it’s not been a beautiful year so far.

For the past few days I've been reflecting a lot on how far I've come in my personal life and what lessons I’d like to remember ten (10) years from now. Therefore, I've decided to write this letter to my future self. If you could, what would you say to your future self, based on your current situation?

Dear Future (Mrs.) Adenike O. ______________ (Adebayo):
If you are reading this letter, then you are most probably at a point in your life when you feel the need to
reflect. You are most probably married with kids. Your life is beautiful just as you've always prayed for.
Are you happy? Are you truly genuinely happy? I sure hope you are. You see, you've been through so
much: physically, emotionally, spiritually and in every aspects of your life. You've made a lot of mistakes. I’m thinking of some of the mistakes now and It’s making me cringed. Dang! I can’t believe I actually did that. Anyway, back to you.

My main purpose of writing this letter is to let you appreciate how far you've come, and most importantly, how far God has brought you. You found Christ when you are only 7 years old and you devoted your life to him. In the course of your journey you stumbled and fell, over and over again. But He was always there to help you up. He never gave up on you.

You made friends, you lost friends. You cried, you laughed. You dated! Oh, let’s not forget the boys. (Since you are happily married now, I’m sure your husband won’t mind.) There were guys you liked but they did not like you, some liked you but you did not like them and others you dated. But of course, it did not work out for any of them: until you met your husband, then you knew. You just knew it was him.

Moving on, 2013 was particularly a difficult year for you. You struggled with your finances, emotional and spiritual life. Another relationship did not work out again. (And praise God it did not! I
would not have wanted you to end up with such a man.) Your faith in God was shaken. You went to
bed with tears in your eyes many times with only one question in your heart: “why does it have to be so difficult?” But one way or another, you survived. God brought you helpers and true friends. (How about that friendship that you lost in 2013? How is she? I hope she’s doing amazingly well?)

Now it’s 2014 and as I write you this letter I’m filled with so much joy and happiness. God continually blesses me beyond measure. I’m so happy. It’s crazy. Doors of greatness are opening unto me and I cannot praise God enough. I hope you are still devoted to the things of God? I hope you are taking care of mumsie and popsie? Did you build them that house yet? How is everyone? There are names I’d like to mention but that’ll take forever.

Last but definitely not the least, how is your husband? :D Tell him I love him so much and my heart blesses him. Hope you are cooking some delish meals for him? He had better not grow pot belly o. Give him a deep kiss for me will you? May God continually prosper him and bless his ways. Tell him I waited patiently for him to come and I’m glad I did. He was worth the wait. Tell the kids that I love them.

In all that you do and regardless of what the situation is as you read this, always remember that God is your source and he’ll always have you covered. I love you and you are the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Your Younger Self.


  1. Hi Nike....i am your biggest fan! Totally love your blog and movie reviews. Found out that we practically love and hate the same movies, lol. Bn an ardent follower of yours for quite a while now....you rock babes!

  2. Wow.....I love that write up

  3. Filled with emotions. This is beautiful Nike, really.
    I'm inspired to write a letter to my future self too.
    Well done sister!


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