Half of A Yellow Sun African Movie Review

Olanna and Kainene are glamorous twins from a wealthy Nigerian family. Upon returning to a privileged city life in newly independent 1960s Nigeria after their expensive English education, the two women make very different choices. Olanna shocks her family by going to live with her lover, the "revolutionary professor" Odenigbo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and his devoted houseboy Ugwu in the dusty university town of Nsukka; Kainene turns out to be a fiercely successful businesswoman when she takes over the family interests, and surprises even herself when she falls in love with Richard, an English writer.
Preoccupied by their romantic entanglements, and a betrayal between the sisters, the events of their life seem to loom larger than politics. However, they become caught up in the events of the Nigerian civil war, in which the lgbo people fought an impassioned struggle to establish Biafra as an independent republic, ending in chilling violence which shocked the entire world.
HALF OF A YELLOW SUN takes the sisters and their lovers on a journey through the war which is powerful, intensely emotional and, as the response of readers around the world has shown, it is a story which can touch everyone's heart.
HALF OF A YELLOW SUN: A Movie directed by Biyi Bandele Cast : Chiwetel Ejiofor (Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner 12 Years a Slave star; 5 time Golden Globe nominee; Independent Spirit Award Winner; American Gangster, Children of Men, Endgame, Kinky Boots, Dirty Pretty Things), Thandie Newton (Winner of BAFTA Award, Crash, Mission Impossible II, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Chronicles of Riddick, Beloved, For Colored Girls), Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls, For Colored Girls) Release Date : June 2014.

The Return of Baby Oku in America, Nollywood Movie Review

The Return of Baby Oku in America is the sequel to Amaco's Investments Baby Oku in America, were Baby Oku tries to manage herself in America after her husband departure.
Baby Oku brings her special brand of razzness to suburban America when the man that impregnates her during a brief visit to the village agrees to her demands to wed and that the baby be born in America.
Mercy Johnson Okojie, Chet Anekwe, Ani Amatosero. Mercy Johnson Uche Ebere Agu Mary Igwe Ani Amatosero Chet Anekwe Maureen Okpoko

An African City - Web Series Review

I also want to add that in order to keep this video short, there were a lot of things I had to cut out.

  • (1). People have compared this show to Sex and the City ... in a way, it is indeed very similar... 
  • (2). Each one of the five women represented a different kind of African Woman... different morals and different ideas on what life should be.. I really liked that... 
  • (3) This show does not 100% represent the "typical" African woman. It's more like then "Modern Day" African woman...
  •  (4) The African woman should be comfortable to talk about sex, love and relationships without being judged ... this show does that ... 
  • Lastly, I do not agree with one thing about the show, the way the ladies hop from one guy to another in such a short period of time and for silly reasons too ... is definitely not African... I disagree with that.. xoxo

A Northern Affair Ghana Movie Review


Letter To My Future Self

Dear Readers,
It seems like every time I get my act together and find a schedule that works, something happens that throws me off balance and then I have to start all over again. I apologize for the long and hard break in blogging. Life just seems to always find a way in. That’s not to say that it’s not been a beautiful year so far.

For the past few days I've been reflecting a lot on how far I've come in my personal life and what lessons I’d like to remember ten (10) years from now. Therefore, I've decided to write this letter to my future self. If you could, what would you say to your future self, based on your current situation?

Dear Future (Mrs.) Adenike O. ______________ (Adebayo):
If you are reading this letter, then you are most probably at a point in your life when you feel the need to
reflect. You are most probably married with kids. Your life is beautiful just as you've always prayed for.
Are you happy? Are you truly genuinely happy? I sure hope you are. You see, you've been through so
much: physically, emotionally, spiritually and in every aspects of your life. You've made a lot of mistakes. I’m thinking of some of the mistakes now and It’s making me cringed. Dang! I can’t believe I actually did that. Anyway, back to you.

My main purpose of writing this letter is to let you appreciate how far you've come, and most importantly, how far God has brought you. You found Christ when you are only 7 years old and you devoted your life to him. In the course of your journey you stumbled and fell, over and over again. But He was always there to help you up. He never gave up on you.

You made friends, you lost friends. You cried, you laughed. You dated! Oh, let’s not forget the boys. (Since you are happily married now, I’m sure your husband won’t mind.) There were guys you liked but they did not like you, some liked you but you did not like them and others you dated. But of course, it did not work out for any of them: until you met your husband, then you knew. You just knew it was him.


10 Mistakes Girls Make With Guys

Please appreciate the fact that men and women are wired differently. They have different ways of expressing and varying levels of emotional understanding. Avoid making silly mistakes by getting a few simple things right. These are some of the ten most common mistakes women make in a relationship.
1.    Too many questions about the past:
The fact that your man is in a relationship with you currently is proof enough that he is in love with you and has already gotten over his past relationships. While it’s good to know a little bit about his past, don’t take the liberty of digging so deep that his wounds freshen up.
 2.    Visiting his workplace:
This is quite a sensitive issue as most men don’t like their girlfriends dropping in at their workplaces without being told. It is only if you are in a steady relationship from a long time or engaged that you can take the liberty of dropping into your man’s workplace uninformed.
3.    Bringing up marriage:
If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it’s but natural that you will talk about marriage and settling down at some point. You may have a conversation about this once but don’t bring up the topic again and again. You will be at a loss if your man gets irritated by the same conversation taking place repetitively. It’s not that men are averse to commitment; it’s just that they take some time in taking these important decisions.
4.    Pretending to be someone:
If there is anything that men hate, it is lies and hypocrisy. Many women make the blunder of pretending to be what they are not in reality. For instance, if you don’t like putting on makeup and dressing too much for a party, don’t do it just for him. He will immediately sense your discomfort. He would much rather appreciate and love your honesty and expect you to be what you are.
5.    Compare financials:
How would you feel if someone compared your salary figures to that of your contemporaries? Terrible, surely! Although in today’s world, women see themselves as equals to men, men still think of themselves as bread earners of the family. Treat your man with respect irrespective of his earning. Don’t ever make the mistake of comparing his financials with others.


Uti, Yvonne Nelson, and Lagos Cougars Nigerian Movie Review

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Director: Desmond Eliot
Screenplay: Bola Aduwo & Emem Isong
Stars: Uche Jombo Rodriguez, Monalisa Chinda, Daniella Okeke, Alex Ekubo, Bobby Michaels, Diana Yekini, Benjamin Touitou, Shawn Faqua and Ifeanyi Kalu.

Lagos Cougars tells a story which centers round the lives of three fun seeking ladies in their 40s who decide to have some adventure and date younger guys. Little did they know that they were in for a ride of their lives. Uche Jombo Rodriguez plays Aret the craziest of the three women and a bank manager. Monalisa Chinda plays Elsie a single mother separated from her husband for 6 six years and bringing up her son (Shawn Faqua) alone. And lastly the sexy Daniella Okeke plays Joke a successful fashion designer who claims to be too busy with work and her fianceƩ to fall for a guy younger than her.

Yes! That's me on Wendy Williams Show!!

So I was featured on Wendy Williams Show as a Michelle Obama lookalike and all the Nigerian blogs carried it. ... hehehe Watch the video below
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Whatstrending New Segment....


I've begun a new segment on my YouTube Channel. I'm sure you'll love it.
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Are You Currently Watching Shuga?

Shuga is an African TV show based on the lives of young people, focused mainly on love, sex and money. It also emphasizes the importance of getting tested for HIV and being aware of one's status.
Currently, the Naija version of the show is on and it's an absolute delight.

Shuga Naija 
When Femi (Ikubese Emmanuel Ifeanyi) returns from Nairobi to Lagos, a long standing secret upsets the relationship between his music promoter friend Ekene (Okezie Morro), and Ekene's girlfriend Foye (Maria Okanrende). Meanwhile Foye's best friend Sophie (Dorcas Shola Fapson) is outraged when her little sister Princess (Sharon Ezeamaka) appears unexpectedly on campus.

Watch my review to hear the exact details of this tv show, my dramatics and opinions. 


Who Said "I Love You" First..?.... Highly Overrated!

 I'm not sure how this applies in the Nigerian dating culture and I would be glad if someone enlightens me but I know in the western world, saying "I Love You" for the first time is a really big deal, I mean a huge deal in relationships and I've never really understood why people place so much emphasis on who says it first, how soon you say it and even where you say it. Now, I know this affects men and women in different ways so I'll address the both angels.

Ladies First...
So here comes Angela and Segun who have been dating for 5 months and Segun is yet to say the three magic words. Angela starts to panic, ".. does he love me..? ... should I say it first..? maybe he's too shy to say it..? .. Oh God, he's seeing another girl...." All these and even worse are the thoughts in Angela's head. So what should she do?
Here is Segun, enjoying the relationship that he has going with Angela. Everything thing seems to be going well and he really does care about her but he is not yet at the commitment stage. One day, they are on a romantic date when Angela tells Segun "...babe, I have something I've been wanting to tell you.." (Segun begins to think.. Oh Oh....)

Angela: "Babe, I want you to know that I love you..."
Segun: Oh! .. **awkward silence**


Rewind 2013, Fast Forward 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm glad you made it into this amazing year. I've been telling anyone who cares to listen that I believe this year is gonna be great and I want you to be a part of it. That is why I've chosen to share these few words with you.

Please. don't just watch this video and move on. Let the words digest and let it register in your mind then share it with the world... Just click share... really, what's it gonna cost you,.. really?..lol...
Remember to watch the video in HD. Thanks!



Unforgivable - Nollywood Yoruba Movie Review

Unforgivable is a movie about Damola and his womanizing ways. Damola loves, women and women love him too. Unfortunately for Sewa, she fell in love with Damola and the outcome was disastrous...

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