Our Love Story ...

I was at work sometime last year when my bbm beeped . I wasn't particularly busy so I checked to see who it was and it was my girl friend. Only four words were on the screen... "Nike, I'm in love." Needless to say I jumped up and ran into an empty conference room and speed dialed her! (Y'all know that there are some conversations that cannot be carried out via chat. This was one of such.)

You see, my friend had been single for a while and I totally did not see it coming. I was so excited and when she told me who the guy was, I was over the moon! Perfect combination! OMG!! I was so excited you'd have thought I won the lottery or something. I could not be happier for my BFF. Fast forward over a year later and he popped the question! What??? I was in Family Dollar (a store) when she called to tell me and I screamed so loud they almost threw me out. I was filled with so much joy and excitement. You see, I love her so much and I know she deserves the happiness that's being coming to her.

That is why I'm particularly excited about this post that you are about to read. You see, this couple is my favorite couple EVER! (Btw, I'm birthday mates with the guy.. :) Anyway, my friend told me that she wanted to write this article and I  thought what better avenue to share this beautiful love story right? Anyway, here goes how my dearest friend feels about Apostle M - as I like to call him; but She calls him Lillie Philia.

"My name is Lilly and am engaged to a phenomenal man called Lillie Philia. We attend the same church, but became very close at an outreach conducted by our church for leaders. (What a good way to start, lol.) We exchanged blackberry pins and he took it up from there.

Today am writing a public note about the things I love about Lillie Philia, he has absolutely no idea I’m doing this… Here are 21 things I love about my Lillie Philia.

1. His love for God; he is passionate about GOD, A man who talks the talk and work the work...
2. His height... he’s got a good height that I’m tripping for, a man I can look up to literally and figuratively
3. His humility... the one Yoruba guy i know who is very humble and straight forward.

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