Confessions of a 23year Old Lady

Dear Prodigal Daughter:
My name is XOXO X. XOXO, you can call me XOXO for short. I'm 23 years old.

I was born into a Christian home and according to my mum, I was conceived because three of my direct elder siblings died, and my parents couldn't give me a shot because they felt I was going to die, so I never saw my baby picture except for when I was like four or five years old. Raised up by Godly parents although I wanted more of the love but I don't blame anyone for what happened, while growing up I noticed people didn't really like me I can't really tell or maybe I just felt that way, I was in the children's choir in the local church which I attended then, I had and still have this great voice so my regional leader in church then just took interest in me. I was so hardworking that at the age of ten, mum asked me to stay with a pregnant church folk and help her with domestic chores, I agreed. Although my stay there was okay, I noticed some funny things about the man. On the day of the wife's delivery, he Raped Me.

What's Your Selling Point?

There are over 7,178,000,000 people in the world. That's Seven Billion, One Hundred and Seventy Eight Million people! That's a lot!  And the number continues to grow because a child is born every millisecond. In this year alone, there have been over 95 million births all over the world. I could continue to to give you the statistics but it will all come down to the same point that I'm trying to make: What's your selling point?

You see, God is so magnificent such that He is able to create these many humans but only one YOU. Regardless of the number of people in the entire world, there is only one YOU. No two people have the same DNA. Not even identical twins. There's just YOU and that is it. Isn't that mind blowing? So, if there is only one YOU, why would you want to be anyone else but YOU? It begs the question: What's your selling point? i.e. What makes you stand out from the billions of people in the world? Who are you?
Listen, this is not about falling into a category now. Black or white, male or female, tall or short, skinny or phat, christian or atheist etc. All those categories are irrelevant because this is just about you. What is your identity? What differentiates you from everybody else? Everyone is created for a special purpose and a special reason. What is yours? Because that purpose and reason is your identity and your destiny and if you don't know who you are then why would I care to know who you are? Better still, if you don't know who you are, then you are just another statistic in the world; you are simply lost in the billions.

Are Christians Boring To Date?

 I once had this guy ask me out and all I could think of was what life with him would be like: 21 days of dry fasting, 12 hours of intercessory prayer meetings everyday, house fellowships, tying ankara wrapper all over the house, calling him Daddy Tolu (or Our Daddy), and just completely being dead to my self. Emmm no, that was not going to happen. That got me thinking, are christian relationships boring? Are we Christians boring to date? Am I a sinner for wanting to have a fun-filled and yet Godly relationship? Is that even possible? Am I boring to date? Time and time again I've considered these questions in my mind.

What is fun to you? To some people, exciting relationships and courtships are ones that include partying, drinking, clubbing and sex. While to some other people (me included) fun includes going on group dates, hanging out with friends, attending events, serving in church, staying at home and watching a movie, and dancing in front of the mirror. (lol, ignore the last one). The idea of fun varies from one individual to another. Are we even supposed to have fun as Christians?


New Segment: Ask ProdigalDaughter....

Over the course of my existence, I've come to realize that I am the kind of person who loves to keep nothing inside. If I feel a certain way and it bothers me, then I'm going to talk about it to the person concerned. Regardless of the consequences. Heck, I once told a guy how I felt about him ... hmmm.. another story for another day.

Anyway, the point of my introduction is to relate to you how important it is to get a lot of things off your mind. Believe me, simply saying it to someone is enough to make you feel better. However, I do understand that the society we live in can be very judgmental which makes it difficult for people to share their problems.

James 5:16 says "Therefore, confess your "sins" to each other and pray for each other, so that you may be healed." (emphasis added). I interpret this verse to include even our personal struggles and weakness. Hence, the new segment: Ask ProdigalDaughter. While i'm not an expert in everything, I do believe you will not be reading this blog if you had not gained one or two things. So, why not share the problems or challenges that you are facing in any aspect of your life and let other people provide Godly advice to you and spiritually "hold" your hands through the difficult period that you are facing? Here's how it works.
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