I'm Back And Better!!!

Barristers' Ball 2013 provided by Law Career ServicesWow! This is the longest that I have been away from you guys and you cannot even begin to comprehend how much I've missed you all. It’s been a crazy ride, I tell you. Nevertheless, I am excited to write (if I tell you where I am right now, writing this piece, you will not believe it.)

If you refer to my last post, you will see that I had a bit of struggle with certain things that were going on in my life. During that period, I said I thought I was backsliding, well, I pretty much did. It became a job to pick up my bible and pray, I was uncomfortable in the presence of God and every time I opened my mouth in praise, it was empty.

It’s a dangerous thing when the devil has a strong hold of guilt and past sins on you, it takes the grace of God to get past it. It was a huge struggle for me I tell you. It was also in this same period that I struggled with emotions and heart breaks and …….. You get the gist, it was a tough season. What made it worse was that I went my own way. I started doing things the way I thought should be done. I stopped living by faith rather, I started living by flesh. I did what I felt like when I felt like it.
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