Lets Hangout!!!!! .... March 16, 2013

google-hangout-collageProdigal Shedren....

We totally need to hangout! I've had this idea in my head for a while now but I've just not had the time. Finally, I'm ready! As most of you might have noticed from some of my articles, I like to get personal sometimes and I just think it will be fantastic for us to interact in person ...(well, almost).

Thanks to Google+ Hangout we can all get together and get to know each other better, interact, ask questions and just share in each other's depth of wisdom and knowledge of various issues. It's very easy to set up. All you'll need is Wifi or High Speed Internet, webcam and a laptop (or any applicable mobile device.)


If you are interested please say so in a comment below so that I can expect you. The date is Saturday March 16, 2013. @ 2:00pm U.S.A Central time. If no one signs up then I'll just re-schedule for sometime in the future. I however really hope you all will join me....

I'll get more information and update this post accordingly. Will be there? Let me know below..

Much love!



  1. Such a shame I'm just seeing this now...would really have loved to have been part of it....oh well...till the next time! :-)

  2. Hey! I didn't hold it coz I did not have enough people. Let's make it next weekend! :) Happy Sunday!

  3. Yasmine, I'm sorry for not holding the hangout. We didn't have enough people. Lets make it next weekend and see if more people sign up. Thanks for you love and support!

  4. hey....came on for the hang out but got the time zones mixed up....came one hour annd thirty minutes late. hopefully next time.

  5. Yehhh am In. Sunday wud be good


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