Enthronement...The Story of Esther

285px-Esther_haramThere is something about God: when He is taking you to a greater height, he displaces people to put you in your right position. Even better is that he doesn't do it in the hidden place, it broadcasts it so that the world will see. But before you can be enthroned in your rightful place, there are five (5) things you need to know and they are all found in the book of Esther Ch.1-2:

(1) The Process: Listen, when God is taking you to your position of destiny, it does not just happen overnight. It takes a process, it takes time but when it will happen, it take only but a second. In this stage, God causes your "enemies" to become too full of themselves. Esther Ch 1 vs. 10-12. The king ordered Vashti to appear before him and his council but Vashti refused! This is step one. As the saying goes, pride goes before a fall. Unknown to Vashit, she was in the process of vacating her seat for the rightful owner.. Hmmm "he that cometh after you is preferred than he that cometh before. ..."(2) The Dethronement: So now, your "enemy" has dug a pit for himself and he is getting ready to fall into it. Esther Ch 1 vs. 13-22. For whatever reason, Vashti decided she was too cool to show up in the presence of the king, she had better things to do. So, she was dethroned. Her "Royal Estate" was taken from her to be given to another! To someone else a lot more deserving than her. Hmmm "the wealth of the heathen will eventually find its way into the hands of the righteous...."

(3) Preparation: Are you ready to take your place? Listen, you don't begin to obtain yourVashti_orig credentials for a position when the vacancy opens up. You have to be prepared before the position opens. Are you claiming "my car cometh", yet you don't know how to drive? Be prepared! Esther ch 2: 1-14. Before Esther was taken into the palace as one of the seven (7) maidens, she met the requirements; she was ready. If there is a position you desire, walk in light of that position. Even after she got into the palace, preparation continued, for 24 months! Wow! That's got to be some preparation. Don't stop, don't relent, keep pushing for the time is near when you will attain your position. Hmmmm "many are called but few are chosen..."

(4) Enthronement: And finally you have the position! You are the chosen one, the destined one. You are enthroned in your rightful place. Esther ch 2:15-20. When the hour finally came, and the maidens were paraded in the presence of the King, Esther stood out, she was loved and favored by the king, she was outstanding and she was crowned queen!    She was enthroned in a position of destiny. But it all took time, patience, obedience, preparation and readiness.

280px-012_lrg(5) Fulfillment: Now, here is where it all comes down to it. God does not take us to the position of power just so that we can occupy space, embezzle money or just be a figure head. For every promotion you encounter, it is for a divine purpose and greater calling. If you read further in the book of Esther, the reason for her presence in the palace was eventually revealed and she had the wisdom to fulfill her destiny. Don't just get to position and think you have "made it". No! Not yet... you were given that car for a purpose, it is now you duty to find out what that purpose is and fulfill it..

Remember Vashti? She failed and she was demoted from the position of grace. Everyone is replaceable. If we don't fulfill the purpose we are called, God will gently vacate the sit and give it to someone more deserving. May that not be our portion in Jesus name. So when we pursue greatness and pray to God for a promotion, remember that it is all for a reason.

"I declare by the blessings of God, the most high and in the name of Jesus the son that the things that our hearts desire will not elude us in Jesus name! I declare that in 2013 we are enthroned in our high places in Jesus name! God is meeting each and everyone of us at the point of our knees in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!"



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