A Love That Hurts ....

11757lovehurts011250341397The popular pop artiste, Keri Hilson, sang a song that says "this love is taking all of my energy....." while the well known Rihanna sang "... we found love in a hopeless place...." One thing that is common about these two songs is that both songs talk about a love that hurts, a love that's painful, a love that breaks your heart, a love that steals your peace, a love that drains you of all your energy.  Is that the kind of love that you have?

PICTURES: Red Carpet At Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Award (#AMVCA)

Below are the first set of pictures from the Red Carpet At Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Award (#AMVCA). It was held at Eko Hotels Lagos State. Keep checking back for more pictures.

Kunle  Afolayan

Lola Adije ...

Genevieve Nnaji
Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi
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Lets Hangout!!!!! .... March 16, 2013

google-hangout-collageProdigal Shedren....

We totally need to hangout! I've had this idea in my head for a while now but I've just not had the time. Finally, I'm ready! As most of you might have noticed from some of my articles, I like to get personal sometimes and I just think it will be fantastic for us to interact in person ...(well, almost).


Enthronement...The Story of Esther

285px-Esther_haramThere is something about God: when He is taking you to a greater height, he displaces people to put you in your right position. Even better is that he doesn't do it in the hidden place, it broadcasts it so that the world will see. But before you can be enthroned in your rightful place, there are five (5) things you need to know and they are all found in the book of Esther Ch.1-2:

(1) The Process: Listen, when God is taking you to your position of destiny, it does not just happen overnight. It takes a process, it takes time but when it will happen, it take only but a second. In this stage, God causes your "enemies" to become too full of themselves. Esther Ch 1 vs. 10-12. The king ordered Vashti to appear before him and his council but Vashti refused! This is step one. As the saying goes, pride goes before a fall. Unknown to Vashit, she was in the process of vacating her seat for the rightful owner.. Hmmm "he that cometh after you is preferred than he that cometh before. ..."
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