Happy New Year!! & I'm Back!!!!

images (4)Happy New Year to all of you dear readers and lovers of God’s truth. It’s a great year for us and I bless God that he has brought us this far. On Dprodigaldaughter, it’s “Our Year of Strength…” We have strength to do, to go and to come. Whatever plans, dreams and aspirations that you have this year, you have strength to achieve them.

So, I’m back! For the past one month, I’ve been in Nigeria just having the time of my life, especially in the presence of God and it was amazing!! But now, the holiday is over, I’m back in school and resuming work. (Do you want to see pictures? Yes? Leave a comment and let me know.)

Now, I know some time ago I posted that I was going to upgrade this blog and change the name and focus entirely, remember? Well, after much thought and deliberation I’ve decided to keep dprodigaldaughter alive. Yay! So, to all my readers who felt blindsided, I apologize. While that other project (girlsonthemission.com) is very much active and ongoing, dprodigaldaughter will continue to be active also.

By the way, do you guys like the new design and layout? New year new things abi now? :) This year I hope to hear from you. Your ideas, suggestions, stories, questions, topics, anything you want me to write on or talk about PLEASE, PLEASE & PLEASE share them with me at chattyzee@yahoo.co.uk

I love you guys so much. 2012 was a great year for us, but 2013 will be even greater! And remember, with God, restoration is always available.




  1. welcome back!! glad you had an awesome time in Nigeria. gosh why am I craving suya all of a sudden? Lol. Looking forward to your posts : )

  2. awesome! the absence was noted! :)

  3. Good to have you back...super excited for the new year!!!!


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