Temptation ..... The Movie

Tyler-Perry-Temptation-January-2013-BellaNaija003-397x600I just saw the trailer for Tyler Perry's upcoming movie and I just have to say wow! I cannot wait to watch this movie. The very first thing that I noticed was the bible verse upon which I believe the movie is based:

“But he that is an adulterer,
for the folly of his heart
Shall destroy his own soul.”
-Proverbs 6:32

Wow! That verse rang so badly in my head I just could not believe how various situations in my life right now applied to this verse. Check out the trailer of the movie right here ....


Alabaster Box - What the Meaning of this Song?

imagesAlabaster Box - Cece Winas; We all know this song. But what's the real meaning? Here is the lyrics of the song.

"The room grew still As she made her way to Jesus
She stumbles through the tears that made her blind
She felt such pain, Some spoke in anger, Heard folks whisper
There's no place here for her kind .....
Still on she came
Through the shame that flushed her face
Until at last, she knelt before his feet, And though she spoke no words
Everything she said was heard, As she poured her love for the Master
From her box of alabaster.......


The Battered Woman Syndrome ...

domestic_violenceThis is a very sensitive and vital subject, and I hope I can help someone in this situation. Why do women stay with men who beat them up? I am a man and I must
say I have never laid hand on a woman, for obvious reasons, where would I hit?

Not the face, all my lady friends are pretty I wouldn’t want to hurt her face, where else can I hit? Her chest, Tummy, Come one, a woman is not designed to be hit. Her entire body frame is configured for amusement; there isn’t a part that accommodates a punch.  So when you find a man beating up a woman,  you see a man who has lost it and a woman who has almost lost it all: the man has beaten her emotionally, he has taken every ounce of self-worth she has.

What's the meaning of that song?

downloadHow many of us actually understand the meaning of the songs that we listen to? I’m talking about gospel songs now and not "Kukure" or "Oliver Twist." Do we take time to understand and search for the deep meanings behind these great songs that lead us into God’s presence?

Not until recently, I was a victim of just singing songs without really knowing the depth from which the writer wrote the song. I know songs minister to each of us in different ways but until we understand the depth and source of a song, we will always be missing out on something extremely important.

That is why I've created a new segment/page on this blog called “Song Meanings”. But I’m going to need your help. Here is how it works.


Happy New Year!! & I'm Back!!!!

images (4)Happy New Year to all of you dear readers and lovers of God’s truth. It’s a great year for us and I bless God that he has brought us this far. On Dprodigaldaughter, it’s “Our Year of Strength…” We have strength to do, to go and to come. Whatever plans, dreams and aspirations that you have this year, you have strength to achieve them.

So, I’m back! For the past one month, I’ve been in Nigeria just having the time of my life, especially in the presence of God and it was amazing!! But now, the holiday is over, I’m back in school and resuming work. (Do you want to see pictures? Yes? Leave a comment and let me know.)

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