That "Long Distance" Thing ......

imagesRelationships are difficult enough as they are. Now add "long distance" to a relationship and it seems almost impossible to make it work. Can a long distance relationship really work? This is a really deep question and if you are looking for answers, well, I hope I don't leave you more confused after reading this.

Personally, relationships scare the geez out of me. I mean, if I have any fear at all in this world, it has to do with relationships and marriages. You simply need God's grace and wisdom. My experience with long distance relationships has been two-folded. I've seen it work out greatly for some people and I've seen it leave some people broken. So, yes it can work..... if you want it to... But, how do you make a long-distance relationship work?


2012 Is Ending...... : Keep The Faith!

imagesFirst, I must apologize for my absence. As you all might know, it is exam season and so I've been busy with school. As the year draws to an end, I've found myself refelecting on this year and how everything worked out (or not.) What made 2012 different from 2011? What did I gain and what did I lose? Have you been doing some reflecting also?

I'm sure there are people thinking "oh well, there goes another year and I'm still stuck in the same spot." "Is this how this year will end? And God will still not answer my prayers?" So many questions in our hearts, for the goals that were not accomplished and the dreams left unfulfilled. So what do you do? 2013 is fast approaching, where do you go from here?
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