Etiquette Of A Woman - Part 2 "I Don't Like It When ......"

Today's piece, "I Don't Like It When ..", is the Part 2 of my series "Etiquette of A Woman". If you have not seen part one, click here

For today's piece, I asked various men from different backgrounds, specific things they do not like about the general appearance of a lady.

The question was "What is it about a lady's appearance that turns you off?" Well, lets just say be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Here are the answers I got.

"Make up! Geezz I hate excessive makeup. Moreover, black girls don't blush, so why do they add that stuff on their face? Also, this common multi-colored rubber slippers in Nigeria - Oh Gosh, I hate that too." - Demola Ade

"The way they lock their hands up at the back, on their bum, maybe to hide away panty lines. I hate it, If you know you are wearing a pant with obvious panty lines, change it or something." - Adebisi Adeyemi

"I hate the public display of a woman's behind. The way women wear trousers and consciously or inadvertently show the middle line of their bums" e.g on Bike of while walking. (especially when they have stretch marks!) Oh, I also hate fake eye lashes." - Tolulope Fash

"In the UK, it's more in the summer, I call it the summer effect. Every lady just wants to reveal everything, all in the name of 'its hot'. Moderation during that time is like 20%. Very very skimpy shorts and breast revealing tops. It's just too much." - Duke Abodunrin

"It's always disgusting when a lady exposes herself to get attention from men, gosh! It's disgusting." - Tunji

"I don't like it when I can see a Lady's bra strap. There's something just wrong about it." - Pope

"I'm not a big fan of hair-nets. (Even though its use is usually unavoidable.) Just wear you natural hair, you don't need a net for that do you?" - TeeJay Alatishe

"I don't like it when ladies shave their eyebrows totally, only to replace it with pencil. What's with that? Also, I hate camel toe! Ewww" - Tayo Abobarin

"I'm a big fan of a sophisticated lady. I hate it when a lady wears heavy make up and then looks artificial." - Ayotunde Twitch

"I hate it when ladies wear tights underneath and you can still see it. Also, excessive makeup; especially on a light complexioned lady." - Tobi Adeoti

"I hate the application of foundation. Also, some ladies can apply lipstick and lip gloss such that you'll think the lips are about to drop at any time!" - Rotimi Fasinmoye

"I'm a modest person. Hence, anything outside of modesty isn't an option. For a lady to expose any part of her breasts is a no no. Just dress as a virtuous woman." - Caleb Ajagbe

"I hate makeup on a woman when it does not blend with her skin texture and you can obviously see the differences." - Tumi Adeyemi

"I hate the distractions ladies cause when they expose their cleavages and tight cloths that reveal every shape of their anatomy." - Ayo Paseda

On the other hand, Mr. Afolabi Olabanji says that "You must realize that as a woman, I see what you look like on the outside first, before I meet who you are on the inside. Your dress sense tells me if you make sense. Don't ever run out of style because several people are always looking, including your mirror. Don't keep saying I want to maintain my natural beauty, else you will be like an unprocessed gold; yet to be refined." Modesty is still the key though. (He's a transformational speaker, BB Pin 2871595B)

One thing all these men agreed on was excessive makeup. They all said it's a big turn  off for them. Overall ladies, lets keep in mind what the scriptures says in 1 Peter 3:3-4 "Don't be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes.but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious."

Oya o! The list is not complete. It's missing your voice, please add yours in the comment section.



  1. Lol! I think I'm safe, going by this list :)

  2. wat u all hv said is correct cuz d rate at which ladies especially nigerian ladies do fake tins s so so annoying.fake hair,fake boobs,fake bum bum,fake skin everytin fake na wa o dis s gettn serrious.

  3. smh @ some of these comments. just leave it to Nigerian men. Lol.
    ps: really enjoyed reading your blog. looking forward to more posts : )

  4. Lol....@multi-coloured slippers...hahahahha....I think I know it. Could be the one with something like lil balloons or has a ribbon design...I just dislike the slippers.
    Hmmm...heavy make-up like they had an accident at the paint factory, totally scraped eyebrows decorated with pencil (one could be higher that the other)...huh!...and XX long eyelashes.
    My make-up is usually 1%, which is just powder. I got a make-up set, 2mins after using mascara, I rubbed my eyes and that was it, we almost called up a doctor. Foundation got my blouse stained. Brown powder, my hanky stained. I got very thick eye-pencil made me look weird.
    I would love to use make-up sha...because I admire some ladies who just make up and I am like, oh dear! She is too beautiful.
    Maybe I have to take make-up

  5. lolzzzz!!!!!i guess moderation is best in all we do...ladies..pls no loud make up

  6. Nice write thought though is that one man,s meat is another's poison..heyy, dont get me wrong I'm a lady and Im spiritual and I understand modesty...however I've seen a guy who got into an argument with his wife several times cos he wanted her to wear tight fitting and short cloths (he's born-again,mind you), the lady was a conservative dresser, but she gave her husbands fantasy some consideration in the end ''to save her marriage'' I think in all, despite what the guys feel...LADIES, if you are married, strive to dress to sustain your husband's interest, if you are not, wear what makes you look good, Im sure you have a mirror and I know you can tell when its just too much. P.S- Some of those things the guys mentioned, we see them stealing glances at women who wear/use

  7. Its gud 2 dress simple n nt lyk a masquerade jus becus of fashion


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