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Etiquette Of A Woman - Part 2 "I Don't Like It When ......"

Today's piece, "I Don't Like It When ..", is the Part 2 of my series "Etiquette of A Woman". If you have not seen part one, click here

For today's piece, I asked various men from different backgrounds, specific things they do not like about the general appearance of a lady.

The question was "What is it about a lady's appearance that turns you off?" Well, lets just say be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Here are the answers I got.

"Make up! Geezz I hate excessive makeup. Moreover, black girls don't blush, so why do they add that stuff on their face? Also, this common multi-colored rubber slippers in Nigeria - Oh Gosh, I hate that too." - Demola Ade

"The way they lock their hands up at the back, on their bum, maybe to hide away panty lines. I hate it, If you know you are wearing a pant with obvious panty lines, change it or something." - Adebisi Adeyemi

"I hate the public display of a woman's behind. The way women wear trousers and consciously or inadvertently show the middle line of their bums" e.g on Bike of while walking. (especially when they have stretch marks!) Oh, I also hate fake eye lashes." - Tolulope Fash

"In the UK, it's more in the summer, I call it the summer effect. Every lady just wants to reveal everything, all in the name of 'its hot'. Moderation during that time is like 20%. Very very skimpy shorts and breast revealing tops. It's just too much." - Duke Abodunrin


All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS! I never would have made it without you.

I'm thankful for this blog, for everyone that is being blessed by it and every who reads.

I'm thankful for the gift of life, for God's unending grace upon my family and friends.

I'm thankful because God has erased my past.

I'm thankful for food, clothing. shelter, peace of mind.

I'm thankful that you are alive and you can read and comprehend this right now.




"Nonsense! Who does she think she is sef? Walking around as if she is better than everybody else .. mschewww..." "Madam ITK, always acting as if she knows everything" "Why must she have everything? Why does she always get the best? Her boyfriend is so ugly ..mschewww"

"That guy sha, he drives the best of cars and has ladies around him all the time. Why? He does not even work as hard as I do" "He does not deserve it." "I'm sure he did money rituals .. his success is not normal.."

"I hate her! I hope she falls down and dies!"

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? Maybe not in the exact way in which the statement is written, but you get the gist right? You know what I'm talking about, JEALOUSY. 

Let me tell you a story.



"From birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother's womb, I will EVER praise you." Psalm 71:6.

I praise God for adding another year to my life. It's not because I've been faithful, and neither is it because I am the best; it is just by His grace and His grace alone.

I'm most grateful for all your love, support, prayers and blessings. I've been blessed through you and I hope and pray that God will continually use me for His glory. Please leave a comment after the cut and let me know what you think of the video. 

Dr Sid & Nonso Diobi Star In - "Last Three Digits" Upcoming Movie

The Last Three Digits is a movie produced by Moses Inwang and Padita Agu. It was directed by Moses Inwang and it stars Nonso Diobi, Dr SID, and Padita Agu. Dr SID (Sidney Onoriode Esiri) is an artiste on the Mavin Records music label, and he is also the son of veteran actor, Justus Esiri.

The movie was shot on location in Lagos, and the UK.  It also features Bimbo Manuel, Rachel Oniga, Abiola Atanda (Madam Kofo), Yemi Blaq, Moyo Lawal, and Kevin Ikeduba. Top comedians, Ali Baba and AY play themselves in the movie. CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy (Michael Collins Ajereh) also appears in the movie. The cinematography of the movie was done by Okey Oku.

How much trouble can one get into for dialing a wrong number? To what length would a man go to find his lost love? The story of The Last Three Digits centers on a young man (Alex) and his search for Audrey after their chance, brief meeting (after many years) saw her give him incomplete phone digits.

In desperation, Alex begins to input random three digits, a spree that saw him calling all kinds of people, in all parts of the world. A fatal dialing lands him in the den of a violent gang, where he nearly died.

On his rescue, Alex resumes work, and is faced with the tumbling experience of discovering that the company was owned by Audrey’s father!
His joy is restored – but only for a brief moment – as Audrey is now engaged to Marvin, the swanky, lascivious, gold-digging marauder who ran the company.
Having come so close, it was another blow to the depths for Alex, as he is unable to pick up the pieces of his life and move past the disappointments. Is there an end to his trauma?


Will God Ever Forgive Me? Father Can You Hear Me?

In a few days, November 16 to be precise, it's going to be my birthday. While I'm excited about it, a better part of me has spent the past few days reflecting on this past year and I realized that the question that I struggled with most this past year was "Will God Ever Forgive me?"

How many of you can relate to this question?

On various occasions this year, I asked God whether he would ever forgive me for the stupid things I did, the mistakes I made and the wrong steps that I took. I remember where I was this time last year, what I was doing and what was going on in my life.

I vividly remember the struggles I was facing and how determined I was not to make the same mistakes again. Now, a year later I feel not only disappointed in myself but also ashamed.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I write this piece.........


Lisa's Survey

Dear Readers,

A dear friend of mine, who you are most familiar with needs some help with her survey.

Here's the link:

Please help her with the survey. There are just a few questions.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.



The 2012 edition of Miss Ghana will be holding on November 10, 2012 with a headline performance from Nigerian Soul singer Asa.

Here are the pictures of the finalists.

One winner will be crowned, so predict your winner now....

More pictures when you continue.


TRAILER: Nse Ikpe-Etim, Bimbo Manuel star in ‘Broken’

Gabriel Ortega (Kalu Ikeagu), a promising young man, gets Mariam (Nse Ikpe-Etim), a naïve teenage girl pregnant in a remote community where he was posted for his primary assignment during his National Youth Service year.
He absconds to the city, leaving her confused and frustrated. In her naivety she abandons the child in a refuse dump, and he is later picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken into an orphanage. The lovers reunite in the city and get married, but after two kids they begin to experience marriage burn out, and eventually get separated..
The divorcee each reunites with a new life partner and starts up a new family. A few years later, the mistakes of their past comes hunting, throwing their families and entire life into chaos; having to deal with a daughter who was sneaked out of an asylum where she has been for six years, a second son who has become wild with the street life as a result of frustration, and the son they abandoned in a refuse dump, now in prison on death row.
Watch the Trailer Below


The Prodigal Daughter is a Nominee "Best Faith-Based Blog"!

Dear Readers and Friends,

I am officially a nominee, and in the run for the Best Faith-Based Blog Award. Thanks to all who nominated me, I sincerely appreciate your help. But the time has come to VOTE. Kindly show some love by voting for my blog.  Here are the instructions;

Here is the link to the Voting page:

You need to enter your Name and email address. Then go down to the category "Best Faith-based Blog
Blog with a focus on religious beliefs or themes" and vote for my blog "The Prodigal Daughter" (click on the bullet point right beside it.)

Also, you do not have to vote for all the categories. If you simply vote for me and you submit your vote, that will suffice. Once you submit the nomination. Please click on the link that you receive in your email in order for the vote to count. (If you entered nominations during the nomination period, you do not have to worry about confirmation.)

Please note, you have to follow the instructions precisely for your vote to count. Thank you and God Bless you as you do so.



Pictures From The 2012 African Film Awards

The African Film Awards took place at the Stratford Town Hall in  London on November 3.

The event was attended by several top Nollywood actors, including Joseph Benjamin, Femi Adebayo, Kiki Omeili, Hafiz Oyetoro, and Muka Ray Eyiwunmi.  See the pictures and awards below.

Awards were given out in 18 categories at the award ceremony.

African Actor of the Year: Joseph Benjamin

Best Actor (Supporting Role in an English Language Film): Femi Branch

Best Actress (English Language Film): Tonto Dikeh

Best Actress (Supporting Role in an English Language Film): Kiki Omeili

Best Actor (Yoruba Language Film): Femi Adebayo

More pictures and awards after the cut.....

In The Cupboard - Nollywood Movie Review

Five Siblings return to Nigeria for their recently departed father's burial. At the reading of the will, the content surprises them all and very soon explosive secrets are revealed leaving some family members with a lot of explaining to do.

This movie features Ini Edo, Uti Nwachukwu, Abiola Segun-Williams, Alex Ekubo, e.t.c

The movie was Produced and Directed By Desmond Elliott.

See below for the review of the movie......


Pictures From The Set of "Blue Flames" - Upcoming Nollywood Movie

"Blue Flames" is an upcoming Nollywood Movie that is still in the works. The movie is a family drama from the stables of Papel Image Tech, which is currently being shot in Abuja.

The movie is being directed by Paul Apel (The Bond, 90Ninth Day), and it stars Kalu Ikeagwu, Paul Apel, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Omoni Oboli, Sani Danja, Yakubu Bello, and Stephanie Apel.

Paul Apel directing Stephanie Apel and Ms. Vervelde on the set of ‘Blue Flames’

Nse Ikpe-Etim on the set of ‘Blue Flames’

More pictures after the cut.....


Upcoming and Highly Anticipated Nollywood Movie - "Journey To Self"

Upcoming Movie titled "JOURNEY TO SELF" starring singer-actress Ashionye Michelle Raccah, who also co-produced the movie, and it also features Nse Ikpe-Etim, Carol King, Kalu Ikeagwu, Femi Brainard, Femi Jacobs, Chris Attoh, Katherine Obiang Edoho, Tosin Sido.

This intense story of friendship and the path to self discovery is something to look forward to. With a sterling cast of seasoned actresses and top quality production, this movie is one to watch out for.

This movie tells the story of five childhood friends Nse (played by Nse Ikpe-Etim), Alex (played by Dakore Akande), Regina (played by Ashionye Michelle Raccah), Rume (played by Katherine Obiang) and Uche (played by Tosin Sido) Uche, the unifying force of the group, dies and requests that all her friends come to Abuja for her funeral. She speaks to them from the grave through letters to each of them and as old wounds are opened up, the weekend is an emotional roller coaster as each woman finds her character being tested. It is indeed a journey to self discovery.

The four ladies, on arriving at Uche’s house, find that she has left a series of letters in which she speaks to them from beyond the grave. The letters provoke her friends to open up on emotional baggage, as secrets and fears are revealed, leading to a journey of self discovery. For Regina, Nse, Rume and Alex the weekend they spend in Uche’s house becomes an emotional roller coaster as individual characters are tested.

The Fear Factor....What Are You Afraid Of?

"Sometimes the things we fear the most, we need not fear at all. " (from the Ghanaian movie - Ties That Bind)

Growing up, most kids are afraid of the dark and the ghost that lies in the closet or that horrible thing that is hidden under the bed. But it seems as if the more we grow, the greater our fears become. We all have different fears; the fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of death and many more.

It’s natural to have fears; after all, we are human. However, the question on my mind is why do we fear what we fear? If nothing happens to us without the knowledge of God or without his permission, then why should we fear anything?

I believe we fear the things that we are afraid to trust God with. We fear things that are very important to us, yet beyond our control.
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