THE TOILET THAT FLUSHES ITSELF......another embarrassing moment

Hey guys! So for the past few weeks, the conversation on this blog has been quite intense and serious, I thought I'd lighten up the mood by sharing with you guys another embarrassing moment of mine. If you have not read the initial one, click here Most Embarrassing Moment

I was studying for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and my Dad decided that the best place to study was at a public library (because all I did at home was watch TV), so my Dad drove me to the library and left me there with my books, snacks and drinks. Ok, let me do a small flash back so that you can better understand the story.

You see, I was fresh from Naija, it was my second month living in the United States and I was still acclimatizing to everything, I mean everything! Lets just say that growing up in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria; my exposure was quite limited . So you can imagine how astonished I was when I arrived in the U.S., my mouth was always a-gape at everyone and everything; even the sky fascinated me.

Anyway, I was preparing to take the LSAT and I was studying at home, but my Dad did not think it was enough, so on this "faithful" day, he drove me to the public library and told me to study there, that he would come back to pick me. You have to understand, it was my first time in a public place in the U.S., all by myself; so I was quite nervous. But I put up a bold face and stepped into the library.

So the studying began. Anytime I'm studying, I'm always eating or chewing on something and that day was no exception. I was snacking, eating and studying at the same time. As expected, nature came calling and I had to use the restroom. I located the ladies (amazed at how fancy and clean it was) and I proceeded to ease myself. I guess the restroom was so comfortable that I decided to take my time.

After a few peaceful minutes, I heard this extremely loud sound of rushing water and without hesitation, I jumped out of toilet room, scared to death and thinking omg, I'm gonna die!! I turn back to take a peak and what do I see, the toilet was flushing itself! I was like what the heck?? Where in the world does a toilet flush itself?!! And then I thought OMG, "they" have followed me from Nigeria!!

With the door opened, I cleaned up and called my dad to come pick me with immediate effect! When I told him what had happened, he laughed so hard that it took my Mum to explain to me that it was an automatic toilet flusher .....

So that's another one of my embarrassing moments, what's yours? Please share yours....

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