"The Woman In Me" - Etiquette of A Lady

Most women will admit that being a woman is not the easiest thing in the world. Ladies have to take extra care with their appearance. I mean, have you been out with your friends and you see a lady dressed in such a way that makes you ashamed to be a woman? Yeah, we need to talk about that. So what are those things ladies need to take cognizance of?

Number 1: Panty Lines: - This is definitely a no no. No one wants to see your panty lines through your skinny jeans, tight skirt or leggings. We ladies have to learn to wear the "proper" underwear for the proper attire. Don't wear grandma panties if you plan on wearing leggings and a small top. Your panties should be non-existent. There are various kinds of panties out there, choose wisely. And whatever you do, keep the panty lines hidden!

Number 2: Exposing Your Boobs: Heck No! I don't care if Kim Kardashian is doing it or if it's the fashion "in vogue", don't expose your boobs. Trust me, no one wants to see them. They are meant to be private and valuable. What do you want to achieve by showing your boobs? You want to be sexy and given attention? Well, you'll get the attention you ask for, and more; but at the end of the day, you won't leave a favorable memory in the minds of the people that you meet. Moreover, you can be darn sexy without exposing yourself. So, keep them hidden.

Number3: Undersized Clothes (Tight Clothes): There's nothing flattering about a size 10 woman wearing a size 4 and yet I see this happening all the time. It looks hideous, unpleasant and quite embarrassing. Wear clothes that are appropriate for your size. When you wear undersized clothes, it does not attract men. Rather, it shows them that you are insecure in yourself. And even if you do attract men, they are not the type of men you will want to attract or keep. No matter how much you love a top, if it's too small, don't buy it. Wear what fits you and sizes you.

Number 4: Walking in Heels: No be by force to wear heels o. If you don't know how to walk in heels, don't buy them. Staggering through the streets of Lagos, wearing 5inch heeled shoes, is pure comedy. Looking like you are about to fall will make more people feel sorry for you. Not sexy.  Here's the trick, practice, practice, practice. When you are bored at home, instead of calling up your ex-boyfriend, grab a pair of heels and walk around the house. Or better still, wear wedges. Wedges create a good balance for you because they are platform shoes. You have to be comfortable in what you are wearing.

Number 5: Showing Too Much Skin: Ever heard the phrase "less is more?" It might sound cliche, but it's the fact. The less you show, the more appealing you look. No one will buy a cow if they can milk it for free. A little here, a little there. Don't put everything out there. Except if you are going for the "porn star" look. To men, a lady that shows too much skin is screaming only one word, available! Have you seen those tight fitting and short dresses ladies are now wearing? Imagine this, it's tight, it's extremely short and you are wearing heels = bad fashion! I see it all the time in Nollywood movies and it's crap abeg. Don't walk around half naked, no good will come from it.

Number 6: Wrong "Foundation" Color: One word, Ghost! This is actually hilarious. Look at the mirror before leaving the house. It's unattractive when you can tell that a woman is wearing foundation. How can you tell?  She's wearing too much, you can see the gap between her hair line and her face, and it looks like her face was doubled. Eeww, choose the right foundation color for your skin and blend it well. Use very little, and blend it well, so that it looks like your skin. It's called foundation, it's supposed to be invisible.

Number 7: Badly Done Weaves/Hair Extensions: Gone are those days when a woman could get away with a badly done weave. These days, even men notice it when your extensions are all over the place. Make sure the color of your extensions blend very well with your real hair (if you have a leave out) and if you don't have a leave out, treat your hair well. Treat it nicely. Get a good stylist that knows what she's doing. It's you crown, and it's on your head. Also keep it clean, wash you hair and get rid of dandruff. As to the Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and Mongolian hair; if it's over inches, you are trying way too hard. It's obviously not your hair, so why make it even more obvious? If you have braids that are long overdue, it's time to take them out. to be continued .....

As always, share your thoughts with myself and other readers. This list is not yet complete, watch out for part 2! :D



  1. You are absolutely on point, I agree with you. We ladies need to pay attention to these things.

  2. You have been my hero this summer! And inspired me to write my own blog. PS, the Joshua Harris books can be challenging! oh, and check me out at http://welluninsipired.blogspot.com/2012/09/a-little-too-much.html Any tips would be much appreciated!

  3. Oh my gosh, that means a lot. Thank God for wisdom and the strength to do this. I'll definitely visit your blog. As to the JH book.. I just got one, hmmm we'll see... :)

  4. I love this,women need to know more of these things


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