Her Necessary Evil - by M'aDe

It was around 5:00 am when she strolled tiredly into the departure lounge of the international airport in Frankfurt. Expectedly, she was exhausted from the long flight from Lagos to Frankfurt and the endless immigration checks further compounded her fatigue. as she wheeled her trolley across the hallway, she saw him sitting there, legs crossed with his head bowed. he seemed to be meditating until she realized that he was fiddling with is phone..a blackberry bold.

"Very typical", she thought. A brown jacket lay on the chair by his side and on the floor beside his feet was a brown sturdy luxury briefcase..He wore a pair of tight blue jeans, a blue and white striped shirt with sleeves hand-folded to the elbow. As she approached him, he looked up, glanced at her and watched her as she proceeded to sit adjacent to him.

"Hello", she greeted.

"Hi", he replied and smiled.

Her sit was positioned to face passengers arriving the boarding while he sat facing the boarding desk. Her dress was a petite red gown with appliques at the neck line. Her black panty hose was complemented with tan brogues.

He studied her subtly . "She's a plain Jane , he thought to himself  There wasn't much that caught his fancy except for her black shiny skin. At 5ft 5"", she definitely was not his type. "For a prestigious airport like this, people really ought to be more fashionable , he mused. He was poised to continue playing with his phone when he heard her ask, "Are you going to Edinburgh?" He looked up and replied in the affirmative.

"Me too", she said.

To be Continued......... (All other parts will be posted on the tab "Her Necessary Evil", scroll up to see the tab)



  1. Wow! Please try and post the rest of the story soon, i am itching to read...checked the tab found nothing...it sounds really interesting,

  2. awww sorry dear, I'll post it right away.

  3. Hi Nike, can we please get the part two to this story?.....winks

  4. great story. Guess there's more. Where is it please?

  5. I'll upload it soon. Thanks!


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