Who Speaks Into Your Life? & Who are Your Friends?

I was at work today, and as usual, I had my ear phones on while I pounded away on my computer. After some hours, a colleague of mine looked at me and said "Nike, what battles are you fighting in your life, such that you are always listening to sermons?" As you can imagine, I busted out into uncontrollable laughter. I listen to "messages" a lot. I just enjoy them, they prepare me for the future and they remind me of things I might have forgotten. I enjoy listening to my Pastor's messages, it lifts my spirit. Who do you listen to?

I have a lot of acquaintances, but very few people that I can actually call my "friends". I'm one of those people who do not know how to keep quiet when something is wrong. Aside from praying, I must also talk about it to someone before I start feeling better. I'm also quite emotional and so very little things get to me and when they do, I always talk about to the person involved and to a friend. So you see, I tend to share a lot.

So, because of that, I've surrounded myself with people who speak nothing but "life" into me. They are very few and I can count them on one hand. But these people know me almost as well as I know myself but most importantly, their ears are always opened to me, their words are seasoned with salt and minister grace unto me. They pray for me, push me and hold my hand in my walk with God. I believe everyone should have such people around them.

This world is filled with too much evil, hate, envy and wickedness to just allow ourselves to be derailed. You have to be careful in choosing who you listen to because every word you hear and read, is a seed sown in your heart and sooner or later, it will germinate. You need to surround yourself with people that will give you wings to fly and not those that will ground you in life. Those who will push you up and not pull you down. Be careful who speaks into your life and into your destiny.

So many times in journey through law school, I've questioned whether I was on the right track. So many times I have sinned and lost my way, I've wondered whether God was indeed going to take me back. Yes, I pray, but I also talk to someone about it. But it has to be someone who sees you bigger than you see yourself.  Friends will either push you up or pull you down. Pick your friends, don't let your friends pick you and pick wisely. Don't pick friends who will dig your grave for you, nor should you pick friends who will tell you to "keep dancing, I 'm coming behind you."

Tunde was in the University, he was about writing his final exams but he was late to class. Before he got to class, the lecturer had made the following announcement to the students: "don't even bother attempting question number 5, no one has ever passed it, spend your time on the other questions." So Tunde got into the exam hall late and ignorant of the announcement, he wrote his exam. The results came out and no one else attempted question 5, except Tunde and even better, he got it right! The lecturer called Tunde and said "did I not tell you not to attempt question 5?" Tunde replied, "I did not hear the announcement sir, I was late to class."

Find yourself a mentor, someone who will drive you beyond your dreams, someone who will always pray for you. My "friends" are very much older than me, some of them are even married and they are not in the same field as I am. I'm not saying you should put your trust in man, but there are some value adding relationships that you must have in your life. It's just a necessity. Anyone that never has something positive to say to you, or is always complaining; I encourage you to distance yourself from such people.

Finally, don't let anybody tell you lies! Are you 30yrs old and unmarried? Are you 30yrs old and still struggling to make ends meet?Don't let the world feed you lies. Your destiny is secured. Moreover, whose report will you believe?

"Let God be true and every man a liar." Rom 3:4. 

"For those God foreknew he also predestined...." Rom 8:29

"The LORD is my inheritance and my cup. You are the one who determines my destiny." - Psalm 16:5

Have a blessed weekend!



  1. Funny enough, last week I was thinking about this.Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes o, we have to make efforts to surround ourselves with the right people. Thanks!

  3. lol..I listen to sermons all the time! It is one of the most comforting and exhorting habit i have formed over the years. I love your blog :)

  4. Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks and I love your blog too.

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    "Find yourself a mentor, someone who will drive you beyond your dreams, someone who will always pray for you. My “friends” are very much older than me, some of them are even married and they are not in the same field as I am. "


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