Washing, Cleaning & Detoxifying my Spirit: "Soul Detox"

Dear Readers,

This year has been one of my most challenging years ever! I've been struggling with a lot of things, physically, health wise, financially, academically and most especially, spiritually. You see, I have my own personal struggles and if you read my blog and think that I'm perfect, you couldn't be farther from the truth.

One of my recent struggles led me to uninstall my Blackberry Messenger and to Deactivate my FaceBook account. I'm focused on renewing and detoxifying my spirit. All the lies that the devil and the world has been feeding me had so infected my spirit, such that I was starting too lose my way. Renewal of my Spirit was of great importance. Thank God for his mercies. So I'm  reading this book, and until I finish it, social media has to stay on hold.

I highly recommend that you guys get this book, it is life changing and I am being blessed. It's just exactly what I need. I'll share with you highlights of my renewal steps as the days progress. There comes a time when all you need to do is just back up and do a reassessment of yourself.

Also, please, please and please, if there is ANY issue weighing on your heart that you will like me to write about, please let me know and I'll gladly do so. After all, I write because of you. I'll love to hear your thoughts, stories and opinions.


I'm still waiting for inspiration on what next to write about. If you have ideas, please share.



  1. I glanced at it and read some parts of it and i thought it was a really cool book but can't afford to buy it now. I go to Craig Groeschel's church by the way.

  2. Oh how lovely is that. I attend lifechurch also. Thanks for your support and the book is really good. You should read it whenever you have the time.


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