Oh Lord, I Need A Man!!

I know every lady over the age of 23 has prayed this prayer at one time or another. Especially if you are in my age group where all you seem to be doing is attending weddings, buying aso ebi or just wishing someone congratulations. So if you are in a relationship, you are praying that your boyfriend will pop the question. And if you are not in a relationship, you are saying, Lord, I need a man!

You know as a Christian lady, it is a very difficult battle that you fight, between trying to stay positive and remind yourself of God’s promises and on the other hand, believing what the society is telling you. You begin asking yourself whether you should just go ahead and date that guy that is asking you out (whom you do not love) or you should say no to him and keep waiting.

Even worse are ladies who are currently in relationships that they don’t enjoy, or in abusive relationships. Such ladies are afraid to let go because they don’t want to be single at 30. They don’t want to be “victims” of late marriage. So I say to you, would rather be married and miserable or be single and happy? Would rather be married at 25 and divorced at 30?

Keep praying, be patient and wait for him, because he will come. Some things are just worth waiting for, and one of those things is your life partner. However, your prayer should not be “Lord, I need a man”, it should be; “Lord, I need THE man …” Not just any man, but the one that is meant for me. So while in my waiting period, I’ll like to write this letter to God:

Dear God,

I need you to send me my own man. A man who will love you above all else, a man whose heart is lost in you, a man who lives, breaths and survives in you: a man whose life is dedicated to serving you.

Lord will you send me this man?

I need you to send me my own man. A man who will love me, a man who will cherish every moment he will have with me. A man whose purpose will be my reason for existence, a man who will help me fulfill my destiny and vice versa.

Lord will you send me this man?

Still on my prayers Lord, the man I’m asking for does not have to be perfect, but he should strive to be perfect in your eyes. A man who will love his family, who will take care of our children and a man who will take the lead; who will rub my feet when I’m pregnant, who will be patient with me when I have my mood swings.

Lord will you send me this man?

As I round up my prayers Lord, I’m praying for a man who is fine! Lord, did I say he has to be fine? He has to be handsome, not necessarily in the eyes of the world, but in my own eyes. Let him have a beautiful smile. Lord, can he be taller than me? You know I’m a little on the small side. Can he be a gentleman? Oh please lord, let him be ticklish.

Finally Lord, let me love this man like I have never loved before. And Lord, if there is anything I forgot or anything in your heart for me concerning this man, can I have those added to the list please?

Lord, would you answer my prayers for my husband? Would you bring me this man?

I will wait as long as it takes. And I will come back to Testify. 

There you have it, that’s my own letter. Please continue the trend by sharing your own prayers and comments with me. Men, please feel free to chip in.



  1. Not every young women in their early twenties are interested in marriage or having a "man". The whole idea of marriage first is sooo overrated and thankfully because of all i saw growing up, like most women i know, i am more interested in holding my own first before committing to marriage. I always tell young girls that instead of praying to God for a man, they should seek self awareness and sufficiency first. You cant have a happy relationship-marriage if you dont know yourself. And for sure you cant be a good parent if you havent spent time preparing to be one.

    I'm over 23, unmarried but in a relationship. My boyfriend knows not to dare pop any silly marriage question anytime soon until probably in my late 20s or early thirties. If love is forever, why rush? Women take your time, get a job, know urself and your values. Man won't solve your problems intact, marriage might be your worse nightmare.

    Just saying-with the best intentions

  2. Wow! I saved your letter…a well rounded talk with our Father…

  3. I absolutely understand what you are saying and I agree. I however think you misunderstood this post. At one point or another, most of us pray for our life partners (if you so desire) the essence of this post was not to pressure people into marriage but to do d opposite. And the letter I have written there is my own personal prayer to God. It's not a sign of desperation, rather, its a sign that you waiting on God. Why should we deceive ourselves and say "I don't care about marriage", when in reality we do. I'm only saying that if we do want to get married later on. why not tell God what you want and wait till he gives you what you deserve? Thanks!

  4. Thanks! Yess ooo, God has got to know my mind, for there is no shame in waiting on the Lord.

  5. amen too for me,am a paediatrician,25,smart and not bad looking but Lord,i need a man too!NaijaNY,I used to speak like you before.Trust me when i say to you that you need to pray that prayer too!

  6. I am so in love with your prayer.
    Actually, I had this very long list of the kind of guy I always wanted...then I met him, he was sooooo PERFECT! But there was a problem, after 3 months I realized I wasn't the kinda girl he wanted, and it ENDED!!!
    Then I went to God in prayer....and this was my prayer:

    Dear Lord,
    please let my OWN man find me at the appointed time.
    A man who believes in YOU and lives his life for YOU.
    A man who will always remind me of you, Lord!
    A man who loves me...I am ready to love him with all I have.
    A man who is caring, who can teach me how to present myself because I am a careless person.
    A man with great sense of humour, who is ready to listen to my jokes and laugh at them even when he has heard them before.
    A man who is hardworking and creative.
    A man who would be ready to listen to me when I complain, because I complain a lot.
    A man whose family will accept me as one of their own.
    A man who wouldn't hesistate to cook for me if I am too tired.
    A man who will be ready to tolerate me if I ever nag.
    A man that would never strike me.
    A man who can freely ask me for advice, and ready to listen when I advise him whether he intends to take it or not.
    A man who is not PROUD, please Lord!
    A man who would be a strong tower for me and our children.
    A man who is good-looking and has a beautiful smile.
    Dear Lord, I hope I am not asking too much.....please.
    Lord, when I mentioned what I needed in a man to my friend, she told me maybe I was waiting for Jesus, but You know better.
    Every other thing I would love to add to this list that I have forgotten, You know, Lord.

    That was my prayer request at the beginning of this year and I am still waiting on the Lord....

  7. HAHAHA...."maybe i was waiting for Jesus".
    My dear God will give you the "perfect man for you"

  8. Nice write up. Actually straight from the heart. Some of us deny the fact that we don't need a man but truth is, as a woman we're genetically programmed to love and to be loved, pampered, spoilt, showered with gifts etc. Having seen several marriages crumble before my eyes, I'd rather kneel more and beg God for mine to come and meet me I don't care how long he takes than to jump on any good looking guy driving a range sport. Its not like I'm not being hit on- would have gotten married since(actually its raining men for me) but I'd rather be single, rich, travel round the world, contribute to my society and love Jesus more than to be married, stressed out, unhappy. Life is too short to be unhappy.
    With that being said, I'm not ashamed to say that I pray to God for My own Boaz everyday, Yes! Everyday,(I miss cuddling) but until he comes, I'm focusing on making my bank account morbidly obese while working out to maintain my hour-glass body. Hehe.

  9. I like your prayers, some part of it were funny particularly Lord he has to be handsome...I mean did I say handsome. Lol. But the crunch of it is handsome in my own eyes, not in the eyes of the world.

    The truth of the matter is majority of us pray for men that will just be wonderful, wonderful in the eyes of man, but necessarily wonderful in the eyes of God and even if we were to search deeper not even wonderful to us ourselves. We get stuck in making do...and as I call it settling for less, because we are afraid, anxious for the reasons you mentioned. A sincere, a man truly after God's heart almost appear hard to find, and my dear even in church it seems. Sometimes you meet some men in church, yes they are "spirit filled", "tongue talking", even "devil binding"...but the truth is, they are men after God's hand, they are after what he can do for them, what they can get from him.They are not willing to bow in submission to God, not willing to make the sacrifice I.e go thru the process of becoming what a man in God truly represent...they are the ones that will mix their very own traditional believes with what the scriptures say, they shuffle their tradition with scriptures and pick whichever one fits them at a particular time.

    A man that is clearly an unbeliever is easy to identify because he will clearly tell you what he believes in or what he does know...so u will know clearly whether u share the same faith or not...and u can make a distinction, your decision, do not be unusually yoked with an unbeliever. However a man talks like you - christianese, looks like you -"holy" like, and he may even enjoy the same things you do - oh gospel concerts, bible study etc etc....they are the ones more difficult to comprehend.

    So in addition to that prayer, Lord please give me the sensitivity, the discernment when the man, the true man shows up, not just the one that looks like, sounds like him, and in my waiting process, grant me the grace to say no to every imposter. Amen

  10. Your prayers aren't bad but seem more like a fairytale to me...Amen though

  11. lol you've got a very long list. But may God grant your heart desires.

  12. Lmao "i miss cuddling" and "its raining men for me" cracked me up! Thanks for being so honest.

  13. Wow! I'm blown away by your response. I learned a lot from reading this. Thank you so much, God bless you. I thought there was wisdom in you saying “spirit filled”, “tongue talking”, even “devil binding”…but the truth is, they are men after God’s hand, they are after what he can do for them, what they can get from him." That is so true.
    So I say a huge amen! to your prayers, thanks!

  14. lol.. this was a post by itself. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with my readers. You made so many intelligent points. God bless you.

  15. lol I know right? But if he gave up his son, will he not freely give us all things? Thanks!

  16. No worries chica. Keep keeping it real....

    Sincerity in our prayers is what God seeks...if we miss it in anyway He will re-direct us, re-direct our hearts.

    Stay blessed.

  17. This might have come late but I pray u join me and say amen. I claim ur prayer, except I don't care if he is not ticklish, I am not. I however want to add that I want be attracted to him. Let me know when I meet him. Let the love be mutual. Pls Lord, when I meet him let there be no doubt that he is the one. Amen.

  18. Amen! It's never too late to pour our hearts out to God. God will grant your heart desires. And when you do meet him, please come back and share. God bless!

  19. i say that prayer with faith.....and AMEN!
    truth is, i used to think have found that man, but recently, he cheated on me, to the extent that he doesnt pick or return my calls, and most times raised his voice at me. though it wasnt easy, but i learnt to put him in his place, when he realised i dont call or care to know hw he's fairing anymore, that was when he realized that he's sorry for his doings, and begs to come back to him that he's sorry and all.
    this got me thinking, dunno wat to do, i want out and also want in, i love this guy alot, but am just scared and all.
    what do you think i should do?

  20. Hello Kiks and thanks for sharing your story. Now, as to your question, what do I think you should do? Firstly, I'd say you need to read my post here http://dprodigalchild.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/so-your-spouse-cheated-on-you-what-next/ In the post, I talked about what you should do when you spouse cheats on you. After reading the post, or if you'd like to talk more, you can email me at chattyzee@yahoo.co.uk and we can talk better. Please read the post and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  21. Also, the revelation that I received from God this morning was that "In release, I will find my increase.." At one point or another, letting go might just be what we all need. Lets talk more, email me. Thanks!

  22. @ dprodigalchild,
    have read the post. truth is, i thought about that too, maybe God doesnt want us to be together

  23. Yeah, Maybe. I'm sure things will work out just fine. And remember, if he's not the one, then it only means there's someone better God has for you. All the best!

  24. My dear sister we will not wait upon the lord in vain, I love all your request from GOD. He has never fail and he will not fail everyone of us waiting upon him for the joy of marriage. He is a great father indeed full of mercy. have been attending friends wedding i believe this year is my turn people must rejoice with me either devils likes it or not IJN. i want to use this medium opportunity to advice each and everyone of us looking unto GOD for one thing or the other please let us walk in faith and see things the way we want it to be already...

  25. Amen! In his time, God makes everything beautiful ... :)Thanks!


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