Nigerians vs NBA Player Dwayne Wade

For those of you that went to bed early last night, did not watch the Olympic Basketball game between Nigeria and USA or those of you who were not on twitter, you missed out on a lot!

So, TeamNigeria lost to TeamUSA by a margin of 83 points! (US 156 - Naija 73). But this was not the problem. The problem was that a certain NBA player by the name of Dwayne Wade decided to express himself on twitter by saying that "83 point lost REALLY??? #LetYourGameDoTheTalking. #2012". This was when all hell broke loose! Nigerians did not find it funny at all and neither did they take it easy on him. Here are a few pcitures of what went down on twitter.


Needless to say that this was just the beginning of a long night for Dwayne. In fact, hell has seen no fury like that of a naija man and woman.


Lets hope that next time, Dwayne will be hesitant before passing judgment on Nigerians. I believe the Naija team tried their best. I mean, with the inadequate training and facilities in Nigeria, it's a wonder they made it to 73 points!

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