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Testimony: After Eight (8) years of waiting .....

You should read this all the way. There is a couple in my church back in Nigeria, whom I'm very much familiar with. They have been married for eight (8) years without a child. But you should see this couple in the house of God and how they serve, its amazing. You will not have guessed that they had something that there were waiting on the Lord for. They did not give up on God, and He did not give up on them.

Eight years of marriage without a child (and not an intentional act) is not a joke. Especially considering the society that Nigeria is. Imagine the trials that they would have gone through, but they waited. I can imagine the husband's family telling him "you better marry a new wife..." or better still "send her packing o, we don't have barren women in our family..."

But trust my God to show up! And not only does God show up, he shows off also! Trust the king of kings to intervene in the situation. Trust him to come when everyone had given up! Remember when Jesus was informed of Lazarus' death? (mosdosjdofdofhgffeedfsodiuhfduf - that's me speaking in tongues)... anyway Lazarus was sick, but Jesus did not go o. Kai! My God of effizy, my too much God decided to wait until Lazarus died. After Lazarus died, Jesus now said "ehhnnn oya come, lets go and wake that man up..." (paraphrase) John 11: 1-57

Testimony: My Dad's Cars Have Been Released .....

You cannot even begin to imagine my excitement as I write this post. Over the weekend, on Saturday precisely, my dad's cars were released from the port in Lagos. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then you need to go read my post here

And like I said in that post, God, the almighty father, the one and only true God, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the one who was, who is and who is the come; He came through for me! I'm so excited. Now from human perspective, I should not be excited because the money that we spent to get the cars released, humanly speaking, is much more than we can ever hope to profit from selling the cars.

Oh Lord, I Need A Man!!

I know every lady over the age of 23 has prayed this prayer at one time or another. Especially if you are in my age group where all you seem to be doing is attending weddings, buying aso ebi or just wishing someone congratulations. So if you are in a relationship, you are praying that your boyfriend will pop the question. And if you are not in a relationship, you are saying, Lord, I need a man!

You know as a Christian lady, it is a very difficult battle that you fight, between trying to stay positive and remind yourself of God’s promises and on the other hand, believing what the society is telling you. You begin asking yourself whether you should just go ahead and date that guy that is asking you out (whom you do not love) or you should say no to him and keep waiting.

Even worse are ladies who are currently in relationships that they don’t enjoy, or in abusive relationships. Such ladies are afraid to let go because they don’t want to be single at 30. They don’t want to be “victims” of late marriage. So I say to you, would rather be married and miserable or be single and happy? Would rather be married at 25 and divorced at 30?

Some More Random Pictures. .... Back In The Days

[caption id="attachment_488" align="aligncenter" width="540"] My Favorite Niece[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_489" align="aligncenter" width="590"]NYSC POP in '09 NYSC POP[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_490" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Myself & Twitch after POP[/caption]


He's Not Married But He Has A Child, Should You Date/Marry Him?

I was at a baby shower last weekend and one way or another (as usual), the conversation drifted into relationships. We started out talking about dating and how to find the right person and I ended up sharing this story of a friend of mine. I thought I'd share it with you guys to get your opinions on it. Might I add that this is one topic that  I've never heard Christians discuss.

Funmi is a very close friend of mine. We share almost everything together. There was a time I was at her house in Lagos and we needed to go to this particular event. The event required us to get really dressed up and so taking the bus was not an option. We needed a ride. Next thing I knew, Funmi picked her phone and called this guy (Segun) and before I knew it, Segun was at the door, ready to take us to the event. I was surprised and quite impressed that Segun came on such short notice.

Segun not only took us to the event, he attended the event with us and took us back home. He was fun to hang out with, very smart and intelligent. He has a good Job and is well to do. A born again christian. More so, he could not take his eyes off my friend. Funmi also likes him (though she tried hiding it) I could tell. They were constantly teasing and poking.  When we got home, I asked her "is he asking you out?" She said yes. So what's the problem? I asked. The only "problem"? He already has a child.

He's Gonna Come Through For You

Exactly one year ago, August 2011, my dad shipped some cars to Nigeria, for sale. Those cars have been at the port in Lagos since then, and up until now they are yet to be released. The clearing agents got caught up in some shady deals and my Dad's cars got caught in the middle. One year later, we are still fighting the battle of trying to get the cars released. My Dad spent his savings and retirement money on those cars and they are no where to be seen. My family has spent more money trying to get those cars released than we can profit. What is my consolation? I know that God, the Almighty Father, will come through. He will.

I'm sure each and every one of us, at one time or another in our lives, we've been in dire need of something and we begged God for that "thing" but it never came. Even more practical is when you are looking for a job, you are getting old and yet to be married, everything that can go wrong is going wrong, loss of family members and friends, debts and little or no hope for the day. Nothing seems to be working for you.

You are drowning in debts and you live in a state of constant shame. It's seems like God is so far away. You are praying but you are not getting any answers. Sometimes, it's even hard to pray. It seems like God has turned his back on you and it's just you alone in this world, constantly fighting a defeated battle. The road you are walking on is long, dry and crooked and all you can scream is GOD WHERE ARE YOU?

Another one of my Movie Reviews

Here's another review of mine. I'm always eager to hear your thoughts. Let me know what you think. Thanks!



You Are More Than The Choices You've Made

REGARDLESS of what you've done, you are more .....

I once met a guy in church whom I respected a lot. He was a leader in church and was admired by many. In the course of my conversation with him on a certain day, I asked him about his journey with Christ and his struggle with sin. I was surprised when he said he's had no notable "struggles" in serving God. The next question I asked him was "so how do you expect to counsel me if you've never walked in my shoes?" Certain experiences just make you grow in Christ and makes you appreciate what a privilege it is to know God. They also make you stronger.

I have never met any born again christian who has no story to tell about their walk with God. No one is perfect. We are all humans who are simply working towards perfection. Because of my experiences with God, I'm here to tell you that you are more than the choices you've made; regardless of what those choices were. You can always turn your life around and create a new beginning.

Most times we get hung up on the things we did in our past which were wrong or maybe even the things we are still doing right now. But because of fear of the unknown and because we are afraid of rejection, we fail to turn our lives around. Your wrong choices and decisions should not define you or shape your destiny. You have to put your feet down and take a stand, enough is enough. That was then and this is now. Old things are passed away and all things have become new. 2 Corin 5:17. Everything is different for you now.

There is so much more to you than what you see. I mean do you really think God will take his time to create you, only to give up on you so soon? You know, that is one reason why God will NEVER be a man, he NEVER gives up on us and when he says the slates have been wiped clean, they've been wiped clean.  Even if you add up all your bad decisions and mistakes, you are still very much more than that.

Who Speaks Into Your Life? & Who are Your Friends?

I was at work today, and as usual, I had my ear phones on while I pounded away on my computer. After some hours, a colleague of mine looked at me and said "Nike, what battles are you fighting in your life, such that you are always listening to sermons?" As you can imagine, I busted out into uncontrollable laughter. I listen to "messages" a lot. I just enjoy them, they prepare me for the future and they remind me of things I might have forgotten. I enjoy listening to my Pastor's messages, it lifts my spirit. Who do you listen to?

I have a lot of acquaintances, but very few people that I can actually call my "friends". I'm one of those people who do not know how to keep quiet when something is wrong. Aside from praying, I must also talk about it to someone before I start feeling better. I'm also quite emotional and so very little things get to me and when they do, I always talk about to the person involved and to a friend. So you see, I tend to share a lot.

So, because of that, I've surrounded myself with people who speak nothing but "life" into me. They are very few and I can count them on one hand. But these people know me almost as well as I know myself but most importantly, their ears are always opened to me, their words are seasoned with salt and minister grace unto me. They pray for me, push me and hold my hand in my walk with God. I believe everyone should have such people around them.

Washing, Cleaning & Detoxifying my Spirit: "Soul Detox"

Dear Readers,

This year has been one of my most challenging years ever! I've been struggling with a lot of things, physically, health wise, financially, academically and most especially, spiritually. You see, I have my own personal struggles and if you read my blog and think that I'm perfect, you couldn't be farther from the truth.

One of my recent struggles led me to uninstall my Blackberry Messenger and to Deactivate my FaceBook account. I'm focused on renewing and detoxifying my spirit. All the lies that the devil and the world has been feeding me had so infected my spirit, such that I was starting too lose my way. Renewal of my Spirit was of great importance. Thank God for his mercies. So I'm  reading this book, and until I finish it, social media has to stay on hold.

I highly recommend that you guys get this book, it is life changing and I am being blessed. It's just exactly what I need. I'll share with you highlights of my renewal steps as the days progress. There comes a time when all you need to do is just back up and do a reassessment of yourself.

Also, please, please and please, if there is ANY issue weighing on your heart that you will like me to write about, please let me know and I'll gladly do so. After all, I write because of you. I'll love to hear your thoughts, stories and opinions.


I'm still waiting for inspiration on what next to write about. If you have ideas, please share.



My Latest Nigerian Movie Review ...

Hey guys! For those of you who don't know, in addition to this blog, I also run a YouTube Channel where I review Nigerian Movies. When I love doing something, I pursue it. I promise you, it's fun! But anyway, here's my latest review.

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FlashBack: Most Embarrassing Moment Ever!

I was in Secondary School when I had the most embarrassing and traumatic moment of my entire life! I attended one of the numerous Federal Government Girls’ Colleges in Nigeria, arguably one of the best high schools you could have attended in the 90’s. But anyway, I was in S.S.1 when this awful event  took place. I was a boarding house student, and for every boarding house student, food was paramount and of great importance. My favorite happened to be beans. Yes, red beans was my favorite meal. I never got tired of it.

So on this unfortunate evening, it was 6:00pm and time for dinner. As customary, I carried my bowl and off to the dinning hall I went with some other friends. There was a huge crowd of students waiting at the dinning hall. The food was not yet ready so we hung around, gisting and hoping that a “senior” student did not ask us to run errands.

After 30 minutes of waiting, the Cooks brought out the food; straight from the fire was a boiling pot of red beans. That was when the pushing began. Understandably so because everyone was hungry! Ok, if you ever attended secondary school in Nigeria then you should be familiar with what is called “consuming”.

The art of consuming takes place when the pot of food is left to the discretion of students and everyone starts rushing, fighting, pushing and kicking so as to be able to get as much food (if any) as possible. Consuming was common and also took place when the “prefects” were not around or could not careless. Enough of the lesson, back to my story.

So, we all started pushing and screaming, waving our bowls as if the food was going to drop from Heaven.

What did You Do Last Weekend?

Hey! I hope you had a fantastic weekend? I just thought I'd share some more pictures with you guys. I wish you a blessed and amazing week ahead. Say something nice to someone will you? :D

[caption id="attachment_424" align="aligncenter" width="590"] This was while I was back in Nigeria. - My beautiful nieces.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_428" align="aligncenter" width="590"] This was early in the year 2012.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_427" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Friends make the world go round.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_426" align="aligncenter" width="590"] There is nothing like the presence of the Lord.....[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_425" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Phillips, Craig and Dean concert. - Last year (What do you think of my ankara combo?)[/caption]

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Common Sense Number 6: Don't Sacrifice Your Future on The Alter of Temporary Pleasure

Number 6: Don't Sacrifice Your Future on the Alter of Temporary Pleasure

How long does really good sex last anyway? And I mean really good sex? 30mins or less? That's it? Is it really worth it?

It's been an hour since I started writing this post and I'm yet to have a coherent writing. This is partly because I have so many things running through my head on this topic. Tomorrow is Monday, I need to get some sleep. So I'll just say the following. You cannot have sex and still be a virgin, it's not possible. There is pleasure in sin but the consequences are not pleasurable. There are some things we do now that appeal to us and we feel cool and the world makes it seem as if it's acceptable when in actual fact, it isn't.

There is a way a man touches a woman, that leaves an eternal mark on her (and vice versa). Why do you think married people cheat on their partners with their Exes? Most of the time it's because of the past sexual experiences they had with their Exes which seems unbreakable. Thunder will not strike you because you engaged in pre-marital sex (or sexual immoralities) however, the realities of such things are not any better.

At one point or another, we all fall into sin but what we do thereafter is the most important. God is always willing to take us back. Sin is not hurtful because it is wrong, it is wrong because it is hurtful.

Ladies, we need to know that the first touch on a woman was not the touch of man; it was the touch of God. By the time God was done creating Eve, Adam was still asleep. So Eve had an established and divine relationship with God before Adam woke up from his deep sleep.

Men, before getting married, you had slept with 40 girls and then you get married and cannot have children because of your "low sperm count". Well duh?? What did you expect? You had sown all your seeds at the wrong places and you ran out and your wife has to suffer the consequences.

Common Sense Number 5: Never Look Down On Anybody

Number 5: Never Look Down On Anybody

When Stacy met Charles, Charles was working at a quarry in a remote area in Nigeria, earning 10,000 Naira per month. But Stacy stayed with him, loved him and married him. They now have 2 kids. Today, Charles works for an Oil company, drives a Nissan Armada SUV with the intention of buying Infinity! Get the gist?

Our problem in this 21st century is that what we define as prosperity is actually materialism. This is wrong. True prosperity is not materialistic. Never look down on anybody. The road to the top is at the bottom and everyone that is big today started from somewhere not so honorable. The man may not have a car, a nice job or wear designer shirts today, that does not mean he will not have all those things and more tomorrow.

Most of the time, we ladies expect from men what they cannot produce yet and so we put them under pressure. Such men will then do everything they can to win your heart and because they did not win you heart the right way, they "break" it. There's nothing wrong with starting from the bottom with someone. "Despise not the days of little beginnings" Zech 4:10.

If you are a man, and you are in a relationship with a lady that is always demanding for material things, you have not met you wife o, better let her go now than be miserable for the rest of your life.

Nigerians vs NBA Player Dwayne Wade

For those of you that went to bed early last night, did not watch the Olympic Basketball game between Nigeria and USA or those of you who were not on twitter, you missed out on a lot!

So, TeamNigeria lost to TeamUSA by a margin of 83 points! (US 156 - Naija 73). But this was not the problem. The problem was that a certain NBA player by the name of Dwayne Wade decided to express himself on twitter by saying that "83 point lost REALLY??? #LetYourGameDoTheTalking. #2012". This was when all hell broke loose! Nigerians did not find it funny at all and neither did they take it easy on him. Here are a few pcitures of what went down on twitter.


Needless to say that this was just the beginning of a long night for Dwayne. In fact, hell has seen no fury like that of a naija man and woman.

Common Sense Number 4: Never Wave Away Warning Signals

Number 4: Never Wave Away Warning Signals

I once met this guy, who was very sweet, nice, God fearing and all that good stuff. I thought ok, this might just be the guy.I called my Pastor and told him about the guy. My Pastor said I should keep being friends with him. I heeded my Pastors words and did not commit myself to the relationship. Soon, the guy started exhibiting some traits that I knew I could not deal with. I was the one always doing the calling and texting. If we spoke 10 times in one week, I most probably called 8 of those times. And when I ask him why, he'll say he was busy. This is my motto: "If a man wants you, he'll come after you." Period. I din't mind calling but when it became obvious to me that I did not like what was happening, I had to put a stop to it, I stopped calling and texting. Guess what? Two (2) whole months went by and I did not hear from him!! Needless to say, I was grateful that I did not jump into something that was not mine.

“There is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the almighty gives him understanding.” Job 32:8. You have to know that God will never put you in a situation without giving you a premonition. He will always give us warning signals. Now, whether you listen or you don’t is left to you. If a man is going to beat and assault you, he would have exhibited that trait at least once during your courtship. If he will be a drunk for the rest of his life, you would have seen it.

Another thing is us thinking we can change people.

Common Sense Number 3: Every Relationship Must Be Defined

Number 3: Every Relationship Must Be Defined

An undefined relationship is a dangerous relationship. Take for example; there are 2 friends; Kunle and Funmi. They are always together. They come and go together. In church, if Kunle comes before Funmi, he’ll reserve a sit for her. If Funmi comes before Kunle, she’ll reserve a sit for him. Pretty much they are 5 & 6 and if you ask them what is going on they will say NOTHING.

Nothing is going on and you have allowed this one guy to become a canopy over your life. Everyone thinks you are hooked and yet nothing is going on. This guy as become a Pharisee over your destiny; he will not enter and he will not allow those that want to enter to enter. Such a lady needs to refer to number 2. Simply ask the girl or guy - "how do we define this relationship?"

For such a guy, the lady simply needs to ask him to define their relationship.
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