Common Sense Number 2: Never Take Your Heart on a Journey Without Your Brain

Number 2: Never Take Your Heart on a Journey without Your Brain

Every time your heart is taken on a journey and your brain is left in the passenger sit, an accident will be inevitable. Don’t let your emotions rule your life. I, as a person, know first hand that spontaneity can be fun and exciting but not when your future is involved. I can be very spontaneous, but not in some major issue of life.

Gentlemen and ladies, we need to be able to use our brains more and our hearts less. You are dating a man who beats you like no man’s business; yet you are still with him. You are dating a man that when he looses his temper, the world has to run for cover; yet you are still with him. You are dating a guy who lives in the United States, when last did you see him, 5 years ago? You are dating a woman who has zero level of respect for you, when you talk 1, she talks 7. You are dating a lady who delights in your failures and is always eager to say I told you so, yet you are still with her?

These scenarios and many more are situations in which we sometimes find our selves and yet we find it hard to let go. Why? I don’t know. It's even worse when it's apparent to everyone that the relationship has no future. Yet, to let go is to die. If a man has cultivated the habit of insulting you and dragging you down in public; trust me; he’s not going to get better when you marry him. If you have been dating a man for 1 whole year, and he is yet to introduce you to any significant person in his life, what are you doing?

They say all is well that ends well. And sometimes, some hopeless situations do turn around for the best but I don't believe we should experiment with our destinies and whom we "yolk" with. The fact that you are in a relationship does not mean you should abandon the use of your faculties. Think and step outside the box every now and then. Because though love is blind, marriage will open your eyes o.

Ok, so you get the gist abi? Use your head. Be as wise as a serpent. Feelings are temporary, they come and go and feelings do not sustain a marriage, Christ does. Don’t give your heart to a man; give your heart to God. Let God give your heart to the man. If God gives your heart to a man, I dare that man to try breaking your heart; it just cannot happen. After all, you can't break what you don't have. Or can you?



  1. Wow very insightful...the you are dating a guy who lives in the states whom you havnt seen in 5 years was funny,really was but unfortunately many people do that and make themselves believe its real.Thanks for the post,i hadnt thought about letting God give my heart to my future husband..Loved,you cant break what you dont have..amazing.God Bless you with more wisdom.


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