Common Sense Number 1 - Never Mourn Your Singleness

Number 1 – Never Mourn Your Singleness

A lot of people in our society today (women most especially) start to look down on themselves when they reach a certain age and they are not married. They begin to feel that it’s over. Like it's the end of the world. Singleness is not something that you mourn. Singleness is neither a curse nor a disease. We must all be single at one point or another. Moreover, contrary to the popular opinion, marriage was not the first institution, singleness was.

Adam was single before God said that “it is not good for man to be alone …” Gen 2:18 and even after God made Eve, Adam was still asleep. Therefore, the first touch on Eve was not the touch of a man but the touch of God. So you see, singleness is something that we should embrace because if you were never single (technically), you will most likely not have a successful marriage when you eventually marry.

Don't let the societal and family pressures get to you. I know it's easier said than done but you just have to hold your ground. If you give in to pressure, you'll get desperate and you'll most probably settle for the wrong man. Would you rather remain single and happy or be "double" and miserable?

Don’t ever look down on yourself because you are yet to be married. Singleness simply means to be unique, to be whole, and to be separate. You have to be complete in yourself before you can be successful in your relationship or marriage. Don’t get caught up in the rat race of marriage. Enjoy your singleness while it lasts.

Some people while they are single, will be so anxious to get married, that they will be peeping into marriage, not enjoying their singleness. Such people will now get into marriage only to discover that they have lost their singleness. Enjoy what you have, until what you don’t have come into your hands. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Phill 4:6.

So, it’s not a terrible thing that you are single. Enjoy it, have fun, live life to the fullest. Set goals and let your heart be lost in God and he will grant your heart desires. After all, he makes all things beautiful in his time.


Excerpts from Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda and Pastor Olumide Emmanuel






  1. Couldnt agree with you more..!God Bless

  2. i like this post a lot because it demystify the whole aspect of singleness. Many women who are single go on to mop and change themselves in the hope of 'bagging' a man. and here i beg the question..... if God put Adam to sleep to get to create eve ...and he saw that Adam was lonely then decided to create Eve.....why not trust the fact that your Adam exists and go about living your life to the fullest? Discover yourself, dress well, spend some really quality me time, create a travel bucket list, invest your money, build a home, educate some orphaned children so that when he does come, he finds a proverbs 31 woman- one who has her own thing going.

    Proverbs 31 tells us that a Godly woman has her own thing going-
    "she trades with merchant ships''..

    "she goes out of her way to make woolen clothing for her family so they are not cold in the winter''

    "her husband praises her at the gates''

    "she has servants and works with her hands''...

    '-Nothing says that a womans life should be built around a man striclty.
    -Nothing says that a womans identity is in a man.
    -Nothing says she cannot own land on her own
    -and nothing says she is idle - "and does not eat the bread of idleness."

    Nothing here alludes to her being idle or mopping or even waiting on her husband. This is where women get it all wrong and trust me on this- no sane man wants a woman with nothing going for her.

    :) xoxo

  3. This was spot on!
    "Enjoy wat u av till what u don't have comes into ur hands."
    God bless u for sharing.


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