Nik Wallenda (Dare Devil) Completes Niagara Falls Tightrope Walk

Last night, June 15 2012, a man set the world record as the first person to who walk a wire (and successfully so) across Niagara Falls, from the U.S into Canada and the only question I had in my mind all through was what would possess a man to do such? But then, I got over myself and actually realized that this is not about what possessed him, but rather, this is about the limitations and ceilings that we set for ourselves.

I believe as humans, we are very much capable of a lot more than we can think or imagine. Do we really push ourselves enough or do we just settle for less or for average? I know personally, there are times in my life when I've settled for less while making excuses to convince myself that I was making the best decision. I believed I could not do better or that doing better would cost me a lot more than I was willing to give. But I was wrong and the approach is just a way of remaining stagnant.

We need to start believing in ourselves. Back in high school, my favorite quote was "the sky is my starting point.." but as we all know, it's not always that easy. Nevertheless, I still believe that the greatness that God has deposited in us is so much that we cannot imagine. As the bible says: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" 1 Corin 2:9. Our best will be reflected when we strive harder and push ourselves beyond what we think we are capable of.

Watching this man walk the wire yesterday inspired me so much; we have to realize that there is so much more to us and to we are capable of so much more. Lets begin to set inconceivable dreams for ourselves, reach for the moon (or whatever is beyond the moon), do the unimaginable and see if we will not surprise ourselves. In conclusion, at the end of the successful walk, I came to one realization, Impossibility Is Nothing and the Impossible only exists in our mind. Peace.

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