Reactivated FaceBook

In my previous post, I discussed why I decided to deactivate my FaceBook account and what life was like after I did. Well, a couple of days ago, I decided to reactivate my account. I'm a blackberry lover and so with the new release of the 9900, I decided to give out my old phone and buy the 9900; which was exactly what I did. But doing that made me lose my blackberry messenger contacts and I had no where else to turn to than facebook.

I had to reactivate my account so has to inform my "friends" about the situation. But ever since going back on Facebook, I have to say that my whole view of the situation has changed. I now visit Facebook a couple of times a day, spending about 8minutes each time I visit. It's pointless wasting time just wondering about a website, doing nothing but getting "busy" with other peoples' lives. Don't get me wrong, I look at pictures, comments and stuff, but just sitting on there like there's nothing else worth my time is not necessary.

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