My Mother's Dreams

My Mother’s Dreams

So many times in life, we all have an interest in one thing or another and we think with a strong conviction that we know exactly where we will end up and what our lives would look like …. Boy! Are we ever wrong?

See my mother had a dream, that I will be strong, well   

educated, and successful and very much independent and her dreams are beginning to come through. My mother always thought me to be self-sufficient and to only depend on God, the author and finisher of our faith and she was right, because when it comes down to it, the decisions are yours, and yours alone to make.

So many times, our mothers’ try to stir us in a particular direction even when we have absolutely no interest in such things. It’s not because they hate us, it’s because they had a dream when they held us in theirs hands for the first time. Our mothers’ want the best for us, they want us to grow and become bigger and more successful than even they could have imagined! Are they always wrong? No, but they just might be going about it in the wrong ways.

I’m in my 2nd year of law school and I can’t put into words how proud my mother is of me; the things she does and says shows that I’ve made her happy and satisfied already. But I’m I happy? Absolutely! I’m I satisfied? No….not yet.

You see, my mother had a dream, that I’ll reach for the stars and that “the sky would be my starting point. So I’m not satisfied because I’m just getting started. Who says we can’t live our mothers’ dreams? Who says our mothers’ dreams and ours cannot be merged into one? Who says we always have to disobey our mothers to be fulfilled in life?

My mother’s dreams are my dreams.


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