True Relationship.

I was watching a reality show called "Big Brother Africa" and there was just a scenario that I could not get out of my head. Why would a guy lead a girl on to believe that he liked her when he actually did not? Imagine this guy saying "we were just friends". A girl lays on your cheat, plays with you, cuddles with you, kisses you, spends the better time of her day with you and at the end pf the day you say you didn't like her "like that" and you were just friends! I mean, common guys, who does that?

Listen, if you don't like a girl you need to tell her upfront what your true intentions are (if any) towards her and you don't let her get clsoe enough to be touching consistently. It makes absolutely no sense in just wasting a girl's time only to let her go when another girl catches your fancy. I'm mainly focused on girls cause we are the ones that tend to throw ourselves at men and it disgusts me when a see a woman, a true woman do that to herself.

Call it what you like, 21st century, generation 21, new age, new century, call it whatever you like; it is a man's job to come after you period. End of story. No matter how shy or timid a guy is, if he genuinely likes you and wants to get with you, he'll make the first move. STOP THROWING YOURSELF AT HIM. Remember how the book of Proverbs says it? It says "HE who FINDS a wife..." Even I could not have said it any better than that. The man is supposed to do the finding. Sure, you can reciprocate by showing your interest in the relationship but not unitl AFTER HE has made the first move.

When a woman chases after a man, it not only makes her look cheap and easy, it also gives the guy a signal that you are not a keeper not to talk of a marriage material. Does my theory work all time? No. Do some relationships where the lady made the first {and intensive} move sometime succeed? Yes/Maybe. I have not statistics to prove any of this but 99.9% of the time, the man would rather do the chasing. See, men are like wild animals and women are the prey, men just love the chase, it's natural, it's just the way they are.

This article is meant for serious minded ladies who understand the seriousness of a relationship and a good one at that and not ladies that are just either looking for a one night stand or are not looking for the "kept" man. If you like a man and he does not feel the same way - that's a red flag telling you to FORGET IT & MOVE ON!

Remember: If you get stuck on trying to get what's not yours, what's really yours would pass you by and you will not even notice it.



  1. True talk girl. So much wisdom in this article...

  2. Thank you very much. Thank God for wisdom o. :)

  3. So true, personally I like to be wooed, it shows you are in interested in me..

    If you get stuck on trying to get what’s not yours, what’s really yours would pass you by and you will not even notice it...Amen to that!

  4. Thanks for your support Unveilinggold, God bless you mightily.

  5. you are always on point, your head is very correct as we Nigerians like to say." Remember: If you get stuck on trying to get what’s not yours, what’s really yours would pass you by and you will not even notice it." This statement is sure true, i done that before and almost lost what was truly mine

  6. my biggest issue----- sigh.... louder sigh ....takes a sit...sips on water and then adjusts her blouse...

    I have a problem with men who are insecure about their manhood and use that as an excuse as to why they wont chase a woman...

    Ladies nowadays how many times have u gotten into a conversation with a guy who says how he likes ur sharp mind but looks insecure about the worth and depth of his own intellect?

    Which brings me to the misconception of the worth and definition of a woman's time in the bible.

    The bible did say a man should seek her out but the same bible also stated that its a woman has her own thing going. Notice how the proverbs 31 states the word husband only once and goes on and on about how she is hardworking, buys land, trades, has many servants, is always prepared etc. and then states, how her husband praises her?

    Now back to the topic, i feel that men need to step up their manhood and what they peg it on needs to change so that they stop feeling so insecure and giving that scenario as an excuse for not being in stable relationships or not having the guts to chase a woman they are into.


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